State of Hunter Balance: Why some are more popular than others and what can be done WITH PIC!


Give your suggestions guys.

Assault: So far seems to be in a good place. Parnell and Hyde just need tiny buffs. Parnell’s rockets and Hyde’s minigun could use just small upgrades nothing major.

Support: Cabot needs to be brought into line with the other two hunters. I’m not sure how exactly to boost them though. I do know Bucket’s UAV is a pain to fly so that can be smoothened out.

Medic: I feel like Val just needs a little extra buff so people choose her more as well. Too few weapons take advantage of her weak point sniper and even those that do are hard to aim in the fast paced jumping of the monster. Perhaps increasing the damage boost of the weakpoints will make it more significant along with a small boost in her healing rate.

Trapper: Abe’s darts need to last for less time. Perhaps 5-8 seconds less. His stasis grenades could use a small downgrade as well. Perhaps a longer cooldown on them or a shorter duration.



  • Markov, honestly…no reason to use this guy. Ever. Not once you have access to the other 2. This guy needs some tweaks imho. His mines are ok, but really, that is the only thing in his entire kit I think is.

  • Hyde, don’t really have any issues with hyde. I think he is probably the most solid assault overall. As the OP mentioned, the minigun is a little meh.

  • Parnell, tied with hyde, either / or are equally good on a team. I think the reload speed on his shotgun is a little lackluster as is the range. I do like his damage boost, but it would be nice if it could be more team orientated.


  • Val, worst healer in the game. No reason to ever take her. The healing beam = monster bait. Almost guaranteed to get focused and destroyed immediately. Her kit needs to be re-evaluated.

  • Laz, I originally disliked him very much … at least until I played him more. He is quite good, has a pretty solid kit, but I think his only heal, could be tweaked. Maybe make it heal more, or have a quicker cooldown. Being able to bring back the dead is nice, but being able to have a healer that can actually heal is nicer.

  • Caira, what’s the point in the other 2 if you have her? The only thing I would change on her, is allow her buff to have a ridiculously massive range. So you don’t all need to be bunched right up to get that speed boost buff.


  • Maggie, terrible. The only saving grace in her entire kit is the spikes. Those, used well can be super effective. Everything else, worthless. Including daisy.

  • Griffin, I don’t mind him. Not great, but not terrible. I think his harpoon gun is WAY WAY too slow to reload, and his primary gun blows. Other than that though.

  • Abe, Very solid all round. If you have access to him, there should never, ever, ever…be another hunter selected.


My bread and butter role. I prefer to play this and definitely have the most experience in it.

  • Hank, can be extremely useful, again though just like val … that beam is monster bait and for this reason and this reason alone, I never select him.

  • Bucket, IMHO the best support in the game, and to me the 3rd best character in the game overall (Caira and Abe being the first 2). I do have some tiny issues with him though, his rocket supply is too low. I’d like to see the ammo count brought up by at least 2 shots, or greatly reduce the reload time. That animation is terrible.

My other issue is the UAV. It is slow, is utter shit at going UP / DOWN and takes way way too long to actually lock on to the monster once you find it.

Still, he is my favorite hunter to play by far.

  • Cabot, very solid kit for the most part. I have a couple of issues with him as well though.

First, His gun fires a little slowly. I’m a huge UT99/2k4 fan, and when I saw his gun, the first thing I thought of was “Oooh I got my railgun back from UT wewt!”. If we could bring up the firing speed a little, that would be terrific

Second, When he can see the monster through walls / etc, it would be nice if you could colour code the monster so you know if you actually deal damage through that particular obstacle, and how much it’s going to hurt, for example:

  • White outline, full damage
  • Yellow outline, half damage
  • Red outline, no damage

or something equally simple.


so few krakens o.ö


Valid points all around. Val needs a healing buff, probably from 5% to 8%. Give her the ability to heal herself by healing an ally, say 3% of her health when healing an ally? The drawback on that would be the fact that you move slower when you hold it down. It’s better than nothing however.

Markov, I disagree on that. Markov is one of my go-to Assaults. Lightning gun auto-lock is good for “scanning” (Strategy I taught my team that when you cant find the monster but know hes hiding somewhere, hold the fire button and “scan” the area). The thing that makes him excel is the fact that he can defend his team with those mines. When a teammate is being focus they run to these and have the monster take massive damage. If he’s smart, he knows those are a no-go zone and buy them precious time. Like what’s bad about him?

Maggie, I don’t see how shes useless, but I don’t disagree with you, nor’ do I agree. Her spikes are a pain in the ass and like Markov: Provide no-go zones for monsters. Placed effectively they are horrendously annoying. Her gun is meh, and then there is Daisy. What I feel makes Maggie good is the impact she has on the play of the Monster. She forces a Monster to be quick about their movement, and when you are quick, you get reckless. She’s also good for when you have nothing to go off of.


Bucket = Worst Hunter in the Game. His role is unknown even to the Developers.


Bucket isn’t bad he can zone really well with markov mines at buckets turrets monsters are forced to take the turret hits and medics can just stay in the safety net.

About the only monsters who can easily deal with both those hunters combined is Kraken or Goliath with a well placed vortex or a fire breath.


Since you’r using reload speed anyways with Cabot it’s fine as it is. He is dishing out good support damage while his beam is out of juice. Even better is his burst damage to down wildlife. While Cabot needs roughly 4 Headshots (hardly 10 seconds) on an elite Wildlife, Bucket takes about 45 seconds to down one with his Rocketlauncher…
On another note, the issue with Cabot is his beam, it’s sadly way too powerful to consider playing the other Supports. When your dead set on winning that is… And thats what most people play for. I always feel like a douchebag for playing Bucket over Cabot because he is so situational and nearly useless against a Kraken.


If you are using your rocket launcher as your main weapon on bucket, you’re doing it wrong =)

Should always be throwing down those turrets! The launcher is support dmg, not main dmg. His launcher rockets only do around 90 dmg per rocket on a non-headshot. They can be a little weak. They aren’t as bad once you elite bucket get the extra 10% dmg on them, but still, little bit weak.

As for Markov, I did mention his mines are good, but honestly I think that is the only thing in his entire kit that is. His lightning gun isn’t terrible, I just think his kit overall vs the other 2 assaults, is lackluster. It’s not that he is super terrible, just not as good as the other 2.

Finally, saying bucket is the worst hunter in the game … I can only hope that is a troll comment and you’re not serious lol.


It’s a comparison about the main weapon on Cabot / Bucket. Since he suggested an unnecessary attackspeed increase for Cabots Railgun I simply did a comparison about their weapons, nothing more. No need to be patronizing. Buckets rocket launcher is a waste of a skillslot to be honest. The only Hunter I literally play not using his main weapon. Bucket’s damage is mostly about his turrets, sure, but that doesn’t mean he should get a bloody useless main weapon to compensate. He is a zoning/utility support, which is nice, so at least give his main weapon some sort of utility for his turrets aim/range/whatever not this joke of a weapon. It’s even less effective switching to the launcher than just setting up turrets over and over where they are needed.

And as for Markov, he is pretty much the best Assault for creating a safezone for your medic against goliath/wraith. Coordinated with Cabots Amp his lightning gun dishes out rater stupid high numbers on the monster while having decent range. Parnell is all about offensive power, while Hyde’s low range and drawbacks on badly thrown poison nades make him less useful than Markov tbh.


I think the reason that people are choosing the most picked characters here is not all to do with how much more powerful they are (Lazarus isn’t, against good opponents), but to do with how well you can do with them in your own right. Lazarus can do very well with little teamwork, as can Cabot, as can Abe. These three characters are lone wolves and as such have less reliance on others in a pub.


Bucket is pretty lone wolf. More so than cabot who has something to support his team from the damage amp to the dust drop.


Ya bucket is super self sufficient. Why I personally like him.

I can’t help how you read what I write, but I wasn’t attempting to be patronizing.

It would be nice to see buckets rockets, replaced with something that could deal dmg, but have an alt fire that when aimed at his turrets, would buff them. That would make me super happy =)

As for Cabot, I run health regen on everyone. Period. All the time. So, while some people might find he is ok with the reload perk added, I find he fires too slow for my particular play style.


Really, I feel that Markov, Hyde, Val, and Caira are all underpowered. Markov is simply outclassed, and brings nothing useful to the team since the glowing-red aura from his mines ruin any ambush usage, which is their only viable use imho. Aside from that his lightning gun is pretty strong, but not being able to benefit from Val or Lazarus’s targets is a major blow to his dps.

I feel like Hyde just doesn’t put out enough damage, with a poison cloud up constantly while shooting minions in the face with his flamethrower it felt like it took AGES to do anything to them; his kit looks amazing on paper, but in effect it feels extremely underwhelming. Like Markov, his flamethrower can’t benefit from targets, which means its potential dps drops significantly. His poison grenades are pitifully weak for an assault weapon.

Parnell can proc multiple targets at once with super soldier + shotgun and he absolutely SHREDS the monster in close quarters, so much more than Markov or hide that he’s the top-tier assault right now imo.

Val is just monster bait, and like Hyde and Markov, she’s just outclassed.

Lazarus can load the monster up with targets making anyone with rapid fire and/or spread-based weapons hit incredibly high cough Parnell cough, making his weapon just plain better, and being able to get your whole team off strike free, even from death, is incredible compared to the monster-bait beam.

Caira… is probably the most useful of the underpowered. Really, her healing is harder to trace, and hits in an AoE, but it’s a pitifully small heal, and if your team mates are close enough together to get healed more than one at a time, they’re close enough together to get rofl stomped by a monster ability. Her acceleration field is great, but its in-combat usefulness is lacking because her allies don’t benefit from it unless they’re relatively close to her, and being able to move faster doesn’t really help unless you’re winning. She also offers significantly less to her team’s dps than Laz or even Val.

Lazarus is the top-tier medic imho.



Markov is the safest all-around assault. He has the best long range weapon (to deal with Kraken), an easy to use primary weapon that requires little aiming (to deal with Wraith) and has mines (great for zoning against Goliath / Wraith). Jack of all trades, no need to change him really.

Hyde needs to have his grenades buffed so that they don’t negatively impact allies.

Val needs her medgun changed slightly so that it isn’t huge monster bait and for it to not heal for so little / heal herself slightly for healing others.

Bucket turrets need more health.

That’s all that probably needs to be changed.

EDIT - Maggie probably needs to be buffed in some shape or form. Harpoon turrets activating slightly faster if necessary.


Compared to the other two, yeah. Healing is pitiful all around except for the class skill, which Lazarus retains, and his dps contribution surpasses theirs by miles.


The purpose of an assault is to do damage, whichever one does the most damage is essentially the best; you have three people on the team dedicated to utility, that’s not the assault’s job. Markov may have the best long range weapon, but again, that’s not what assaults are for. They’re meant to get in the monster’s face and do damage, that’s why their primary weapons do the most damage, but are medium to short ranged, and why they have a built-in shield. Markov does not do this as well as Parnell, and what utility he does have is negligible at best.

It’s also worth mentioning that the mines don’t do much for zoning honestly. Everyone has a way around them, and if they for whatever reason don’t, dashing through them is preferable to sitting there and getting lit up. Wraith can decoy to detonate them, Kraken can fly, Goliath can jump. All of them can also climb. They could be useful in preferable terrain, but that’s detrimental to Markov’s gameplay.


So if Kraken keeps using vortex on you, what are you going to do as Hyde / Parnell?

The answer of course, is considerably less damage than Markov, who has the best long range weapon. It can even be boosted damage wise by Val / Lazarus.

Markov is good against all monsters. Parnell is fairly bad against Wraith, Hyde is fairly bad against Kraken. Yes they are better than Markov against Goliath and Kraken / Wraith, not denying that. Markov is the safest choice though if you are comfortable on all 3 classes.


If I fail to juke it with a jetpack dodge? Burn a boost or two to gap close, and I’m back in his face, and from there 2/3 of his available skills require a channel, which are free hits for me, and really, if I’m enough of a threat that he’s feels like he absolutely needs to drop everything he has onto me, then hunters should just win automatically because he can’t afford to focus the medic, and the medic should just be healing me. The weapon change delay hurts the damage difference in your range argument; it sucks to burn boosts for it, but you can close that distance pretty quick, and then Parnell has the upper hand again. I feel like Parnell is more specialized and with a practiced player behind him that’s capable of sticking, then he obsoletes Markov

You make good points. Though, it does seem unfair to say that Parnell is bad against Wraith. He may have trouble sticking, but a squishy monster like that melts like a snowman on the sun if you get a few seconds close.

ANYWAY, I’m going back to Evolve. Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off of you.


Kraken will also boost away from you when you try to close the gap. It’s hard to stick close to him. Whenever I face Parnell as Kraken, I usually max aftershock at Stage 2 so that he just can’t get close. He is forced to boost to get close and then boost to get out of range. Using all your skills on the assault isn’t too bad as Kraken as they are spike damage (harder for the medic to heal him), are AoE (Vortex usually hits multiple people, especially in tunnels) and knocks back the assault, stopping most DPS. It’s easy for a Kraken to go around the edge of a cliff and sniff out the hunters so that he has a higher chance of hitting multiple people, or forcing 1 person to come out at a time.

Parnell is high risk medium reward against Wraith imo. He doesn’t do nearly as much damage as Hyde or Markov at mid range and has no Area denial to stop Wraith from camping in corners. IF the wraith decides to stand next to you and use supernova then yeah you can do damage, but i’ve noticed more people doing supernova decoy to make Parnell pop supersoldier and completely waste it. He does a lot of damage, but you are forced to run Val and Griffin for it to pay off so that they can slow him down enough.

And yeah, good to bounce ideas off each other. Just posting from my experiences, might be completely wrong, who knows?