Stasis Imbalanced


Does stasis automatically give the hunters the advantage??


By slowing the monster down, yes. Until the monster is no longer affected by it.

I don’t understand the question beyond that?


I think it should be tweaked to the point that certain monsters can still function better than others when under stasis


Doesn’t affect Traversals so monsters can still cover some ground but once their traversals are out then the monster will take a lot of damage thus gaining another traversal or two pretty quickly.

it’s pretty balanced. Crow’s charged shot lasts a while but with Abe, you can throw them all around the dome to ensure the monster is in the stasis 90% of the time


All of that is true except when talking about Behemoth but Behemoth has so many issues it’s probably safe to just ignore him for the moment.


I agree for the most part but I would make it that monsters(reguardless of stage) react differently depending on weight


It affects the Behemoth badly!!


Yes Behemoth get’s slaughtered by Tranqs and Stasis, but honestly rock wall can cause just enough separation between the hunters and you that you can still create some space while stasis-ed. Just bring crow / val / abe closer with tongue grab and make them run away or down them. They won’t really think about shooting you with a tranq or stasis while you are about to kill them. They should be more worried about staying alive more than anything. This gives you time to maneuver better in fights


To be fair, monsters can still climb and move in any direction they choose under stasis. Harpoons are stronger, stasis is harder to escape.

If TRS made CC non-standard (e.g. certain monsters are less affected by X), that would be a balance issue. Since neither side is supposed to know who they’re fighting, that would add an inherent weakness at random to one of the sides.

Despite saying that, however, I certainly believe Wraith is more resistant to harpoons in some scenarios, while Kraken is supposed to be very strongly affected by stasis, just by the nature of how they move. Wraith has a large, sweeping attacks, and Kraken is supposed to have little in terms of rapid evasive maneuvers. Behemoth can break harpoons just by rolling away, contrary to all other monsters.

…Maybe what you want is already implemented, based on my examples…


I just started the game april 27 but I’ve been playing it anytime um not working. Now that you’ve broken it down, I see I need just need to expiriment more with them. Thanks


Yea everyone would just choose whos least affected by the most popular trapper at the time, itd create horrible balance issues :confused:


I dunno about you, but I take stasis over hapoons. Stasis does not affect your traversal, except for Behemoth. Goliath is a beast against Abe and Crow.


Harpoons can easily be broken though. I’ve broken two with one melee attack


Harpoons are easily broken but if they waste your traversal, then they did their job. Seeing Goliath jump then immediately get harpooned is very satisfying because I can just feel the frustration coming from the monster player.


Yeah, but harpoons stops you near instantly. A luckly harpoon can cost you the game if you are against a Hank and Caira team as Goliath, where if one missed attack mean the hunter you attacked is back to full health.

It also have the potential to make you waste a traversal bar. Especially punishing for Goliath and Behemoth.
On Wraith is halves the warp. Kraken is (currently bugged) dragged faster to the ground, but he also have the easiest time breaking it, so he can wait until he is harpooned, break it to force a reload and then airburst(his traversal).