Stasis gun?


Anyone else find stasis gun kinda hard to hit? I mean its possible but it’s harder to hit than griffs harpoon… Gobi works wonders in tracking though, better than expected


Charged shot or rapid fire? They use slightly different detection methods.


Charged** sorry about vagueness. Rapid fire is really smooth i like it


It should actually be easier to hit with. It has a larger radius. VS a specific monster or all of them?


I just didn’t know if there was anything I was doing wrong. And I fought Goliath that was running quite a bit, may be isolated incident (i fought him 3 times and i only slowed him for 100 seconds)

I played against kraken now and it got more hits in, it’s just a bit tricky to lead since it moves moderately slow


Does anyone have a second opinion? I would really like some feedback


Weird, I find the rapid fire is hard to hit than the charge shot


Well his rapid is like laz gun, just keep aiming in and out to keep on monster but his overcharge just moves slow sometimes… It may be I’m not use to it yet


It has a slow travel. That makes it somewhat difficult at times, especially against Krakens 40m in the air darting left and right.


Just finished 3 matches against wraith, goliath and behemoth. Stasis gun slow time is 160,190, 250 respectively. Rarely hit them with rapid shot.


That and in heated chases i feel like if i miss it’s all over. I can nail a wraith at the farthest distance with griffs harpoons but the stasis gun just feels slow


Ya I’ve been getting some better games but it still feels like it’s moving through molasis when I shoot


Yeah, maybe there are some latency issues could effect the aim too.


True true, i actually didn’t account for this


I love Griffin’s harpoon :griffin_2:


I found the problem! It lacks an auto lock feature when you have it charged, you can’t zoom in once you have it charged! This may be a glitch since his rifle doesn’t do it either and no other gun doesn’t auto lock when zoom


Another issue I’ve noticed with the stasis gun in chases is that, if you try to charge it, your run speed drops like whoa, like you’re ADSing. Sorta irritating. I get that you should probably just spam rapid fire shots when chasing, but it’d be nice to be able to land a couple of nice charged shots so he can’t just break line of sight and be free… without him being able to gain another 50m on you while you charge it…


Both these cause a big issue when it comes to hitting fast targets, i just tested it and there is no auto lock and charging makes you slow down


I have to say I prefer Griffin’s harpoon for chasing, but then isn’t that the point? He excels at chasing a monster.

Crow is really strong in a dome fight. Rapid fire some stasis to slow the monster down, get in a charged shot for 10 second duration. Gobi is excellent for keeping track of dome dodgeduckdipdive&decoy-ers, and then use your kinetic rifle in between for some hilariously inaccurate hip-fire (seriously use the scope).

I’ve found chasing with the stasis gun still effective, however it is not hitscan in nature, and you have to judge the projectile against the moving target.


Oh I don’t disagree. Crow feels wonderfully effective. He honestly feels like what Abe should have been, with the dynamic pinging, better stasis, and a gun that isn’t useless 15m out (I think Abe is the weakest trapper in hunt). It’s just surprisingly frustrating the first time you head into a chase with him, whip out your new shiny stasis gun, charge it, and watch the monster disappear around a corner 100m away…