Stasis gun Behemoth issue


One of the most difficult parts of behemoth (besides the damage bug) is trying to get away from Crow / sunny combo. The stasis gun drastically decreases movement speed WHILE IN ROLL. Sometimes you literally cant get away and more damage is done while rolling than when in the dome.

Goliath on the other hand can still Jump, leap smash, and charge normally while hit with stasis gun. This allows him to still evade, only when he is walking does it affect him.

So why does behemoth get penalized during traversal while the other monsters do not???

I would suggest drastically either reducing the effect of stasis gun/grenade while rolling, or remove it from rolling ability all together. This would make behemoth much more viable and actually able to escape.

I hope TRS can look at the telemetry data and see, and if I had to bet, i’d say behemoth dies shortly after a dome almost all the time, because he cant get away!


This was an unintended feature of slowing in roll form. They are aware of it and currently working on it. To follow up with this, please follow the Telemetry thread and monitor what they are currently working on.



Word on the grapevine is that Behemoth’s being tweaked so that he’s not slowed as much during a roll.

@Macman has explained that while Behemoth’s traversals are bursty, as are wraiths, Behemoth basically moves by rolling so it’s not right to let him get away unslowed at all. However they’ve said it’s too slow right now and will change it.

Also remember Kraken’s affected (albeit not enough!) by slows on traversal, it brings it back to the ground.

Edit: Maddcow efficiency