Stasis Grenades bugged out


Casually running around, trying to kill some hunters… When all of a sudden I realize that I’m being kept in stasis. There’s no issue with being in stasis, except for the fact that there was no trapper anywhere around me. Nor was there any other kind of hunter anywhere near me.

Link 1
Link 2

As you can see, I lost a match (woohoo, no one cares) because of this bug. Walking around seemed endless, and for some reason my traversal was slower than usual. On top of that it felt like it was taking me ages to drop back down to the floor, as if gravity was being affected by it as well.

Wish I could give any details on whereabouts it started happening, or what occurred prior to the events. I simply don’t know anything beyond the effect “suddenly” being there after a dome went down towards the end of the match. It may not have been there before that dome, it may have been there and I could have been too focussed on surviving to notice… In the end I did notice, and took some printscreens. Hoping to see this get resolved :slight_smile: