Stasis Grenade and Goliath


Is it just me or does it have little effect on Goliath? Yesterday I was playing as Abe and hit Goliath at least 5 different times with Stasis Grenade while we were in the dome and he still managed to leap around the whole dome and avoid us. I even intercepted him a couple times with the status grenades but he still managed to leap around. Thoughts?


Stasis grenades don’t affect his traversals.


He’s rude like that, and apparently likes jumping more than walking. He’s like a hyper kid on 15 Red Bull’s.


Thats why Abe is useless against Goliath, Leaps, Leap Smash, And charge will move him right out of your puny little pokeballs


I see, I just assumed it would work similar to how it does for Kraken, thanks for clearing that up!


No problem! Mind if I close this thread?


I would imagine you could, question’s been answered.


Yeah sure!!


Shush doesn’t hurt to ask. :stuck_out_tongue: