Stasis effect on Kraken/wraith is too strong / Unfair


Stasis plays a large effect on these monster

Stasis slow wraith / kraken movement by 60% … and bring kraken instantly to the ground + reduce traversal recharge

It’s critical to keep the speed of wraith… wraith core concept is dependant on her speed

Decoy is useless against stasis … supernova is in effective … melee attack less effective

Pre-Nerf wraith (beta) had higher movement by 25% … wraith got nerfed but stasis effect stayed the same .

Stasis prevent kraken from being airborne … he will be in the ground … he will receive ton of damage … he wouldn’t be able to place LS / Combos … harder to land AS to the target .

Stasis on Goliath / Behemoth / MG … doesn’t stop their abilities … it’s not critical against their well being …

The monster movement is 7.5 meter/second

Stasis slow them by 60% …

Monster net movement = 3 meter/second

My suggestion :

  1. make stasis slow the monster by (50%) … instead of 60%

  2. make decoy movement faster

  3. Kraken pull gravity to the ground reduced (stasis Nerf)

  4. if there is a way to keep the same stasis affect on Goliath / Behemoth / MG …

Abe is kraken / wraith … and provide an unfair advantage to hunters team

1 is not needed …
2 & 3 are the priority !! To make it work


Changed the category to gameplay since there are no suggestions here. Also changed “broken,” to “too strong,” since there is nothing even remotely broken here.


First of all, think about how crippling harpoons are to Goliath. It’s a little absurd.

Second, stasis is not strong enough to bring a Kraken to the ground and keep it there. The speed that Air Bursts recharge is fast enough to keep Kraken up in the air if used correctly. The point is to bring Kraken in range for assault primaries and to force the Kraken player to press the traversal button and take their screen away from the hunters (because they’re looking up for max height).
Also, aftershock is a thing.

Third, Wraith has Abduction and Warp Blast to keep up with the hunters. Her traversals also regenerate fast enough to keep pretty good focus. Only when Stasis plus Sunny does it get overwhelmomg but it’s still manageable.
The only time stasis is too hard on Wraith is when she uses decoy and tries to reposition when cloaked.

Stasis is effective against Kraken, Harpoons are better against Goliath. Every other monster is equally effected by both I’d say. It’s just how it is.
Partly why there is counterpicking in the game.


Source? Never heard of this.

Doesn’t stop Kraken or Wraiths abilities either. Nor their traversals. So its prettty much the same.
I really don’t see any problems with it.


Disagree. Stasis does nothing.


It’s not a problem . If you play pubs / low ranked …

About the traversal recharge (it has an effect on it) … I try to bring the source


Your statement is completely wrong … it bring kraken on ground …

Ask all Kraken players out there …@pepkrn Stasis has rediculus effect on Kraken . It’s his No. 1 weakness .

No offense . I don’t think you have a better opinion than some one his main is kraken (pepkrn / source TV ) … they both complain about stasis strength

Off course it stop wraith … it stop decoy / supernova

Do you think it should stop abduction/warp blast in order to consider it as to have a high effect ??

If you bring kraken down … how is he supposed to use LS / combos … it’s harder to land AS with stasis


Yeah, I don’t, and Stasis isn’t a problem.


If you spam your traversals then yes, stasis will ground you quite nicely, but if you time them properly, it’ll have little to no real effects on you.


No… Just No. Stasis is the worst form of CC in the game. It’s a minor inconvience compared to Harpoons or Jacks Repulsor. It only has an effect on Kraken if you’re just spamming his air bursts, otherwise Stasis has almost no effect on him.


Let’s try to avoid making comments like that in the future please, everyone’s opinion is valid and appreciated :slightly_smiling:


So, you just described the effect of Stasis on the monster. Nice.

Medic heals, Support supports, Assault does damage and the Trapper: restricts monster movement. That’s kinda his job.
Stasis is one way for the Trapper to do that. Harpoons and repulsor are the other two abilities with which Trappers can achieve their goal to slow/stop monsters.
Some tools are more effective against some monsters, others are more effective against other monsters. That’s how it is.

Stasis doesn’t slow you while in the air and stasis doesn’t slow your traversals. Stasis also doesn’t change anything to your traversal recharge – rather the opposite. When you are stasis’d, you enter combat mode so your traversals recharge faster.
So if you have troubles because you feel to slow (as kraken/wraith), stay airborne. If you have troubles staying airborne, then you need to work on your traversal usage. If you feel like Decoy is useless against stasis, then pick any of his other three abilities. Super nova is still effective if you push the hunters out of position or against a wall.


So the bug still exists where stasis can cause kraken not being able to use his traversal to get airborne?


True …

All these claims are false …


yeah[quote=“Lmk, post:12, topic:84591”]
Abe is Kraken’ / wraith Cancer …
Abe was built around fighting wraith and he was buffed to deal with kraken


You have to actually aim with the harpoon. But you just spam stasis wherever the monster is


No, they aren’t.
Prove that they’re false.
Otherwise I call bull.


Then how come when I do nothing but throw stasis at kraken in a dome, he never touches the ground? It might burn through them faster, but does not negate them, like a harpoon can do to behe/goli/gorgon.

OP kraken wants to be able to negate trapper CC as well? Sure why not.


Call it whatever you want to call . If you don’t want to believe . It’s your freedom . I am not here to prove to all members that my words are trustworthy

I am here to demand changes for stasis affect on kraken/wraith

Against sky wraith ( do you think stasis doesn’t slow her down ?

Against kraken ( for some reason you think it doesn’t slow him ? How come ? Double standard

About the gravity pull … play against bots (against Abe) just notice for the pull effect to the ground and compare it against no stasis

I remember Mr @macman in one of his posts said that when stasis / transq are combined

The stasis effect is being valued … it has a large effect than tranqs and it slows the monster by 60% … it’s not stackable with transq

It has also an effect on traversal reduction recharge. Stasis slow movement/traversals


It doesn’t.

It used to slow him in the air. And then they changed it. Now it doesn’t.

And this matters why?

It doesn’t.

The only traversal that Stasis can slow is Behemoths roll. It doesn’t affect anything else.


It’s suppose to be difficult.


I promise its more likely to get a buff vs. Kraken than a nerf.