Starting up ZA-based Evolve tournaments (PC)



After a bit of thought, myself and others have decided to start holding Evolve tournaments in South Africa (ZA), as currently Ranked play isn’t viable for most of us due to our pings. For anyone wondering, on a good day we get about 250-650, which isn’t the craziest thing ever. It just makes evading the lightning strikes an infuriating prospect, often ending with the strike resolving on us while we were under the impression we had successfully evaded. Regardless, not here to complain. As I said, we are starting local tournaments to get our competitive fixes.

I just have some questions for the community/developers. Some of them might be silly, I am quite new to this.

  1. We understand that the best way to go about this is probably by using the Custom Match option. Has the spectator functionality temporarily been disabled for this mode during the Beta for Stage 2 or is it in working order?
  2. Are there any hidden potential pitfalls the community might have insight into when it comes to running an Evolve tournament? Any advice?

For any South African based Evolve player that I have not already reached out to interested in partaking in the tournaments, feel free to message me on these forums.

Edit: I forgot to mention; nothing has been scheduled just yet. We are just focusing on measuring interest and recruitment at the moment.