Starting to get a hang of the Monster. Can't believe what I found out


The monster is so fun in this game. I realized that when I get dome-shielded by the trapper, the game actually rewards me for getting shot by the hunters because I get a stamina boost! My jump ability comes back faster making it easier for me to just play hide-and-seek from the hunters while in the dome, because they have to have to climb cumbersome rock walls and their jetpacks run out of fuel from chasing me so much! Also, the perks like damage resistance help a lot even though I can eat wildlife at anytime, so I basically have an infinite amount of health so long as I keep running and eating. I get to level 3 every single match and I don’t need to sneak since I can outrun them and pounce at anytime. My tactic for winning is whenever there’s one person alive, I pounce them even if they’re at full health and it just locks them there like the hunter from left 4 dead.

The Kraken is more fun to play as than the Goliath or the Wraith because it seems like it does more damage. I see people on the leaderboards who have a win/loss of like 95 and 0, and I’m guessing that’s because they figured out my tactic where I just clip a wall and I fly like 300 meters in 4 seconds. I don’t think its an exploit so I hope they don’t patch it out, because it seems like a hidden strategy with the Kraken. As for the Wraith, I realized that decoy is more like a clone, because the hunters can’t kill it and the cooldown is insane, it’s only like 10 seconds or something, so I just pop it behind a wall and run away a bunch while they get damaged by it, and they can’t do anything about it cause I’m so much faster, and then level 3 destroys their health. It seems like all the monsters in the game have such a varied playstyle. Wraith is like a berserker with its supernova, and Kraken and Goliath and good at baiting because they have ranged attacks.


Every monster and hunter has a combat-stance.

Each time you go inside combat-stance with Monster certain abilities and the traversal(space) are having much shorter cooldown.

But you need to be within 70 meters to enter that combat-stance