Starting Newbie Bonuses


I mentioned this in the OP weekend response thread, but I know at least two new-to-evolve players who were encouraged to join up and try it out this weekend due to the multipliers. That highlighted to me the effect bonuses like that can have on people starting out, especially in the face of how /daunting/ it can be to unlock characters in that huge roster, each costing thousands of keys. That early experience and the sense of how possible it is to “get somewhere” is HUGELY critical to making a new player stay with the game, so in light of this weekend’s success here are some thoughts I had about how to carry it forward:

  1. Newbies should get a keys multiplier (not a XP multiplier) that scales down over time. Possibly base this on their profile level. Ideally it should taper off once they’ve had enough keys to unlock some more characters of their choice, beyond whatever you get in the tutorial.

  2. The “No Perk” option is not a good option, and just serves to drive home to newbies the advantages long-term players will have over them in games. I would suggest that newbies should get credit for one or two free perk unlocks (only to level 1) per tier - that way they will never be stuck thinking they are screwed because they’ve got no perks.

  3. Partying with newbies should be encouraged somehow; taking the time to help them learn the game and dealing with not-as-competent party members can be an investment in itself. Perhaps give parties that include newbies below a certain account level a small keys bonus - nothing HUGE to where it would incentivize people farming newbie accounts but something to at least recognize their contribution. And maybe don’t count the ‘newbie’ against the %HP solo hunter bonus for that party.

  4. Periodically having events like this that encourage new players to join is ideal, though I am not sure a “Bring a friend!” event weekend wouldn’t lead to a lot of new steam accounts - something to brainstorm, certainly.

Please add to this list if you have other ideas; what do you think would help truly new players starting out?


Hm. I think I should have put this under “Suggestions” instead of just General - can someone move it there? I think this still merits looking at, even if the majority of those on these forums would not benefit from it at this point.


Moved it for you.


Thank you!


Hi @Wrecker

These sound like great ideas for new players. We definitely want new players to feel welcome in our game! I have added your suggestions to our log for the team to go over :slight_smile: