Starting mid game


I’m tried of spawning into a match half way done. So far out of 10ish only 2 of them were from the beginning. If people rage quit a match don’t harm other players by throwing them in a bad match


I have to agree with you on this one. Although I can see the logic behind it (not having to play on with bots), it might need some tweaking. But that’s up to the devs to decide


hey you can always spawn in and talk on the mic. ask the team if they want to restart the match so its even. more often than not they will agree and so will the monster. were here to fight good fights not curbstomping bots.

press menu and go to restart match. its a vote system.


Yeah it’s really annoying for me too. Playiing as hunter most of the time and once we wasted 3 monsters in during ONE SINGLE evac… Give them harsher penalties!