Starting group for casual, mature players


Join up here: - That’s where I’ll be organizing games

Looking to start a group of players who fit the following description:

  • Mature…this isn’t an age restriction, just a maturity level restriction
  • Looking for casual matches. We’re not playing competitively, so we won’t take the game too seriously
  • Interested in night games. I work during the day, so I’m usually free to play around 7-10pm Eastern Time.
  • Xbox One
  • You play your role. You don’t have to be the best, but if you’re a healer, you should heal.

I’ll be using BattleStandards to schedule and organize games, so if you’re interested, join up here:

If you’re on a different platform (PS4 or PC), let me know and we can either set up a separate group, or I can just create separate events for each platform.

I’ve got a game scheduled for Tuesday night at 9pm ET: If there’s enough interest, I could probably do a midnight game for right when the game launches.

Also, we’re open to any number of players, so join up even if there are 4 or more hunters already joined.


Still looking for players


Hopefully you´ve found some gamers :slight_smile: Still this could help in the future: