Starting Fresh... ( Need Opinions )


So I basically “quit” Evolve for about a month 1/2, but after playing Behemoth yesterday, I feel like I can start as a fresh monster player ( Behemoth ).
Or do you guys I should stick to my Assault train that I’ve been riding since Day 1? I’m torn between the two, and I do not enjoy being inconsistent by playing between the two, I like to keep myself focus on one thing.


Honestly, that’s up to you. Which do you find more enjoyable? If you’re getting bored of constantly running assault, then behemoth might be fun. Although honestly, I wouldn’t try to restrict myself to one thing personally :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, welcome back to Evolve :slight_smile:


Might be better to put this in Gameplay, or Monster thread since monster’s can give feedback.

That said, I would say make the jump if give behemoth a go. I was all hunter until few weeks ago as well and I’m loving wraith and behemoth. Now I play no preference, but I enjoy all rolls now.

I recommend for a regular behemoth player and this is a thread he had going recently, but got closed due to trolls:


I would have gotten burned out of this game after 2 weeks if I just stuck to one thing like you lol.

But I’d say go Behemoth since it seems like you haven’t played much monster. Plus, by playing monster it will only help you become a better Assault.


why don’t you just play eeeeeevvvvveeeeerrrryyyyyytttthhhhiiiinnnnggggg?? cause there is no bad choice on evolve… unless ur medic and dont heal anyone XD


I love doing damage, ask anyone who plays with me, I’m an aggressive player cx


You would be the medic that has tranq dart casings loaded with healing fluid so you could shoot up your team while healing them :stuck_out_tongue:


me tooo … as a monster :imp:


Play Slim, Bucket, Cabot, hell even Hank. :stuck_out_tongue: All Trappers have the ability to deal nice damage.


I do really enjoy playing Bucket, despite all the hate and negativity I get for using him… Even though I keep the monster tracked 80% of the chase.
I also enjoy Cabot, probably my favorite two Supports. Trapper doesn’t cut it for me, I always treat my domes as if it’s a death battle arena for me and the monster xD


I wouldn’t say bored, but it’s just feeling like Assault is just… Worn out? I’ll most likely start using Behemoth, thanks for the welcome back also!


You should see me when I play assault or trapper…
I get so angry sometimes!
…Oh, wait are we talking aggressive playstyle?
flies away


Back on the point, do what you feel most comfy with. If you wanna play hunter the most, pick your assault! If you love monster, despite the cheeky combos some hunter teams pull, play monster :3


Just had a match today with 12k damage with Maggie’s SMG. Damn assault kept dying lol.


No better feeling then smack talking back to a Abe in match about how, even tho he said bucket sucks, somehow, miraculously, I’ve gotten over twice as many tracking tags as him hahaha