Starting as a Trapper: Which to pick

Griffin and Abe especially really require your team to be doing what you said you were good at doing as a Medic, OP. If your team are prone to running past a monster that is sneaking around a rock to double back, then you want to be Maggie or Crow for sure.

While I like all the Trappers but Jack (he’s a good Hunter, but I don’t like him. Feels cheesy to use), Abe is my favorite. He has some of the easiest to use CC with good damage. His tracking is also really good for slightly longer matches, simply because by darting wildlife and food sources, you can set “traps” that allow for tracking, even when you’re nowhere near the Monster. He is also one of the few that don’t ever lose sight. He has a 60% slowing field with his Stasis Grenades and can dart the Monster at long range, so even a glimpse will let you get right on the chase.

He’s considered a simple Trapper, but can take some skill to actually use well in combat.

I think it’s cheaper to buy the Tier 5 hunter pack, and that it doesn’t come with the monster. In any case, check them out and see if you like them. What I meant to say is that they’re all really good and worth owning.

Hunter Pack? Is it on the PSN store? Only saw the season pass.

Thanks for all your input guys. Really helpful.

It can be harder to find the monster though. I’d say Maggie is the best starting point, moving onto Abe and then from there any other Trapper.

Yeah, it’s probably that, I can’t remember the name. Just read carefully what youget with it (most people never did back in the day with this game)

All I see is the season pass (2), no other bundled DLCs. Hopefully I’ll have time to test out Meggie some more. Playing Trapper in the wilderness really makes me want to go hiking :slightly_smiling: Good job TRS

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I just tried to play Griffin against Kraken, and I couldn’t do anything. He just totally ignores my harpoon and kills everyone. What should I do?

Kraken is a tough nut for all trappers, but remember that Griffin brings the Kraken down to earth slowly while it is harpooned. Just keep getting behind the Kraken and hitting it with the harpoon and holding it for as long as you can

it uses ranged attacks all the time, so my team mates die very quickly…

I think you can’t go wrong with either Maggie to be honest,easy to play and annoys the monster greatly!

Some of the others do require a tad more skill & experience of their tools to maximise their potential like Griffin,Jack,Abe,Crow.

Yes that’s a problem with Kraken, but you as a trapper can’t really do all that much about it. If your team are dying quickly then you need to hope your team start to use terrain better to block LoS and that your medic and supports are on point.

One thing I would say from a trapper point of view (not Griffin specific) is that different monsters require different domes. A good Goliath dome is potentially a bad Kraken dome. While stopping loops is important in all cases, a wide open space for Kraken is it’s playground. If you dome in places with lots of rocky outcrops and cliffs then you allow your team the ability to stop Kraken having free reign over them from range and forces the Kraken to get in closer.

It was an arena match, so nothing I could do about the dome position either, unfortunately.

Edit: Most players are just too bad at playing evolve.

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Fair point. In that case the best you can do is try to convince your team to get in to areas where they can break line of sight, and all you can do is try to keep harpooning. Arena isn’t great for Griffin IMO unless it’s a Goliath or maybe a Gorgon.

I do suggest to try griffin first as a trapper,he’s easy to use and his weapon sets ideally matches the concept of the trapper class. Damage wise he may not contribute that much but what i think is an advantage for him(a really big one) is his Machine gun, harpoon,sound spikes and Planetary scanner, let me tell you why is it useful and what are it’s drawbacks:

Machine gun: Basic weapon for Griffin, consists of Gauss bullets for accuracy and an iron sight for alt-fire plus in game HUD for ammo/bullet count

PRO: Highly accurate and fast machine gun, good for wasting ammo on monsters especially when escaping, finishing up thin armor meters or if the Harpoon is not that useful, no problem with misses since this gun is dead shot accurate, based from my experience i rarely miss the monster except when the monster is too far.

CON: Low damage, low bullet size and not that contributing to catching runaway monsters or damaging them if the monster has high armor

Harpoon: A single shot harpoon weapon designed to slow/stop monster movement, can be broken down by normal attacks from the monster, upon striking the monster, it attaches and your camera automatically locks into the monster. Good damage and moderate range.

PROS: A complete bugger machine for any monster in the game, since they have to manually attack the harpoon chain to break free, and given the reload time( which is fairly decent in my opinion and you can perk it up) it can be a useful tool to save cornered squad mates. EFFECTIVE WHEN YOU HOOK THE MONSTER FROM IT’S BACK OR WHILE IT’S CLIMBING A SURFACE(it’s always funny to watch a climbing monster fall down while chasing a dying teammate in a dome arena)
CONS: Positioning is your key to success, and if your team cant find a suitable area to dome into, chances are the monster might have the upper hand. I advise for an effective griffin try climbing as high as you can, that way you can gain the birds eye view of everything and to take shots.
other than that, don’t go too near or too far from the monster and use the harpoon whenever necessary(you still have your machine gun to waste bullets with)

Sound Spikes: Sound sensitive sensors that tracks monster movement by sending off sound signals around it’s radius, you can find it by casually checking the map or when your HUD alerts you.

PRO: Overall convenience for the team, regardless the distance as long as you can track the monster anywhere the map its always good, plus depending on your map your sensors can cover up almost 3/4ths of the total map if used correctly and given by it’s huge radius its something not to laugh off.

CONS: Limited to 3 sensors per game, some new griffin players might place sensors right to each other for wider coverage, Don’t do that, that’s the common mistake as griffin and you’re just wasting sensors to be honest, be map wise, master each map’s location and place sensors at the key points of the map (You can determine key points of the map by experience of playing trapper classes, which takes time). With mastery and strategic planning you can use your sensors to track and predict monster movement(Remember, don’t follow the tracks, ambush and flank the monster)

Planetary Scanner: Your biggest arsenal in the game, determines exact location of the monster through your compass(it will mark red on the direction he’s in) other than that it gives you a short speed boost and procures a small radius that highlights creatures, wildlife and the monster it self(inside the radius) in a short amount of time.

PRO: Great for any time of the game, gives you map awareness and the speed boost is great for chasing down monster, after dome battles i advise to use your scanner for a speed boost, chances are the monster(player/AI) will not attack you as it will try to escape, given by your speed and if near enough you can buy a few moments for your teammates to catch up by repeatedly spamming your harpoon since you have greater chances to catch up with the monster.

CON: Long ass cool downs, which i genuinely hate, sometimes when you use the scanner the monster is too far to catch up and if your sound spikes are not placed the right way it will be a waste of weapons and cool downs(and probably raises the chance of the monster to evolve)
the speed boost will only apply to yourself and not with your teammates, raising the chances of splitting from the group, and we all know that splitting from the group means danger from the monster and the wildlife, and risking your chances not to be saved from Chompers(man eating plants you can find by stepping on them, no chances of escape by yourself)

everybody has different play styles with regards to playing trapper classes but in my case i usually go for Jetpack perks since my speed is already given from the Planetary scanner, i use jetpack more often to griffin since i use proper positioning to keep eye of everything in the fight.

Play Style:
I have 3 phases of playing griffin, the tracking phase, trapping phase and the chasing phase, which in my case can produce great contributions as a trapper.

Tracking phase:
At the start of the game i place one sensor right after we got to the ground, that’s what I’ve learned from playing griffin and this is my first key point, applicable to all maps, then depending on the situation i pop out my scanner to have a leading track for the monsters location, repeatedly use scanner until we can dome the monster,
Trapping phase:
this where it gets fun, and possibly the hardest phase, start with harpoon and immobilize the monster at its back so he has to take effort in breaking the harpoon, i dont usually harpoon in front of the monster since it can easily break, use your jet jumps to get in position. when the monster is acting defensive with his moves then spam it with machine gun, in my experience i usually pop out harpoons whenever the monster is chasing someone and i advise the team to jet jump from the side and circle around the monster, standing still in a fight is very dangerous, rinse and repeat until the dome breaks but be sure your fuel can perform at least 2 jumps for the next phase.

Chasing Phase;
Not really hard but it requires being creative with your movement, after the dome breaks the monster will try it’s best to flee, set your harpoon and chase him by jet jumping, you must have at least 2 jet jumps while chasing so you can catch up easily, from my play style i leave a full tank so i can use 2 jumps to catch up with the monster and one jump as spare, depending on your distance sometimes it takes 2 jumps to catch up with the monster, if it takes a full tank to catch up with the monster then the phase has failed. correct usage of your jumps and harpoons can give your allies time to cause damage. After the monster is too far from your sight or has successfully escaped, repeat the tracking phase and start over again

Things to avoid:
A.Avoid being last in the group, always at first or at least second, you will trap the monster and initiate dome activation
B.Avoid being cornered, your chance of escape is either the monster’s stupidity or jet jumps, if you got neither of those then consider yourself dead, no weapon in your arsenal is fit for escape purposes.
C.Don’t let the monster chase you down, most of the time player monsters will attack you first because of your annoying play style, be creative with your jet jumps and be efficient.

gobi (i think) goes to around 300 meters and can dodge around walls up to 15 meters and will screech very loudly when finding the monster
(tip) if you see a large group or a large wildlife keep throwing in that direction for a possible hint of where the monster is

Looking at your list reminded me of all the great maps they made.
I am so looking forward to seeing Aviary/The Dam/Med Lab come back!!

I have no idea why you brought this thread from the grave when noone asked anything for 10 months…

I disagree with yoz, I would not recommend starting with Griffin as his harpoon is a skill shot and new players think about 10 other things that are natural later and just whiff it.

Maggie and now after the buff Waggie are great picks for new trappers. Daisy is ok for tracking if the hunters know how to spread out and trap the monster. The poons are not a skill shot and are easy to use and besides that they have only the pistol and the planet scaner…

I’ve seen people whiff Abe darts and use gobi horribly. The third trapper I would recommend is Abe as with Crow people do charged shots and do shit dmg.

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Abe is the prefect dude to begin learning the basics. As far as trappers go, for me, these are the essential three:

Abe is the one that teaches you about line of sight and knowing when to fire up the scanner. You will learn how to adjust your eyes to see stuff from afar and search for the monster between walls. You will also learn aiming from afar and the points in the map that the monster most frequently visits because of the tracker.

Jack is the one that teaches you about the position of the monster in the dome and the places in the map where you can corner it. His survey satellite is good for trapping the monster without doming it and you will learn that doming a monster without checking where your teammates are is a bad call. Your repulsors will force you to change your position constantly and stop the monster from focusing a hunter too hard.

Griffin is the one that by capitalizing in what the previous two taught you, applies pressure on the monster both in and outside of the dome through his careful position of sensors around the frequently visited places of the map and harpooning the monster to force it to change its target while also slowing it down.

That’s the way Trapper has been working for me.