Starting as a Trapper: Which to pick

Hey all!

I found my self enjoying hunting the Monster as Val. Paying attention to the sounds queues, watching down range and tranquilize it. In many instances I spot the monster first and put my random team mates on the right track. And then I started thinking… why not go Trapper all the way!

I’m not sure which Trapper to pick thou (don’t have T5 characters yet). I love Tranque, but no Trapper has something similar powerful.

I tried Crow, but I can’t figure out how to use Gobi properly. How far will it go? Will it go over walls? Do I have to call it back to use it again or change its direction?

I’m just happy for any advice you guys could give me. I really think I could be a good Trapper (as a casual player).



I still like Griffin cause you don’t have to rely on AI to immobilize the monster.

Also once you can no longer see gobi you may use him again. And it would be better to use gobi in open areas for more vision

Either Maggie is good just because you can follow daisy around without having to know the maps.

All of the trapper picks are situational.

If you like Val for that then the best Trapper for you is Crow, though it’s definitely much more of a skill to land a long range charged stasis shot!

Basically Gobi keeps going about ??? (Edit: I can’t remember what the number is now! It’s not infinite though) in the direction you throw him. If he hits a significant wall (one that he won’t just fly over) then he stops. There’s a slight cooldown of a few seconds before he returns to you, you don’t call him back. Gobi is best used aimed at walls to minimise how long he is flying for without being useful!

If you’re good at tracking the monster by listening for the sounds then Crow will definitely give you some very quick feedback to show your teammates. However you could also do well with either Abe or Griffin in this regard.

I like all the trapper characters, I think they’re all great in their own way, I’d say give each one half a dozen games or so and see which one feels most right for you!

Jack is my personal fav I can control the monster
And herd it to where I want it, plus monsters hate a good jack.

Maggie, for sure. Following Daisy is the easiest way to at least get a general direction on where to go. But, with any Trapper, follow your instincts when you get the layout of the map down and think which way you’d go as the monster so you can cut it off. Following with Daisy can mean always staying behind and never catching up.

Listen for daisy’s howling, it usually means you’re going the wrong direction.

Also, I choose movement speed perk (if you have it unlocked yet) 100% of the time. Some people argue jetpack boost, but either will help. Don’t spend your time climbing up and down ledges; a lot of times it’s quicker to run around and save the jetpack fuel.

Good luck!

(as someone who used to play a lot of Trapper but is quite rusty…) It depends…

From the sounds of things your a good shot and enjoy slowing the monster down that way. Crow’s stasis gun can let you do something quite similar. Hold the trigger to charge a shot then hit the monster with it. Really slows them down for about 10 seconds.
As for Gobi when you ‘shoot’ him off in an direction he flies in a straight line and will screech/highlight the monster if he sees it. Gobi has to get line of sight on the monster himself though. He also has pretty good range (how far he’ll fly from you) but if he ends up flying into a solid object or reaching his max fly range he’ll just return to you straight away.

Griffin isn’t a bad choice either. During a fight try to position yourself opposite an important target like the Medic or Support and use your harpoon gun to hit the monster in the back whenever it goes for one of them. Sound spikes are useful, just place them in choke-points around the map.

Otherwise it really depends on your play style. Abe is more of a combat Trapper, worse at fining the monster off the bat but better at tracking it later on and generally doing a lot of damage. Wasteland Maggie is also supposed to be a pretty solid pick.

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When I started, trapper was my go to, Maggie and daisy specifically. They teach trapper essentials like using the compass for direction and how to cut the monster off, not follow its trail. Once you master daisy the other trappers become significantly easy.

Got a call… and then got ninja’d -_-

Anyway, just play some more Crow, he’s a good choice :slightly_smiling:

Actually, every trapper is a good choice if played well. You should really try every one of them and find your own favorite. In the first 4 responses, 4 different trappers were suggested to you, so it’s totally up to you which one to use ^^

Pick Maggie, she is personally my favorite and Daisy (the Trapjaw/Dog) will lead you in the correct direction always.

[quote=“Uridan, post:1, topic:81664”]
How far will it go?
[/quote]My Belief is that he goes all the way until he hits a wall or 250(ish) Meters.[quote=“Uridan, post:1, topic:81664”]
Will it go over walls?
[/quote]No, if you throw Gobi at a wall he will return to your hand when he hits the wall.[quote=“Uridan, post:1, topic:81664”]
Do I have to call it back to use it again or change its direction?
[/quote]When Gobi hits his limit direction, then he will return to your hand, then you just throw him again.

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I tested with throwing Gobi out in a few places, Edit: You know what… I am not actually confident enough that I remember the numbers, someone who keeps numbers in a excel spreadsheet is better for this!

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Thanks for all your replies so far. I’m currently playing solo and testing all the things you told me. My biggest problem right now is, that I don’t know all the maps, and wildlife yet.

someone called?

its 200m. 200m is the distance he goes.

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I don’t know if this is a bit out of date now

But it’s been a good resource in the past for giving an idea of the kind of things a monster will head towards, as well as giving some good overhead screenshots of the maps.

This changes depending on height ceiling. If I throw Gobi out into the caves on Weather Control he only goes 150 something meters.

I think the devs are right by including MAggie in T1 because she’s the simplest: the dog tracks the monster for you, so you learn the routes and maps, and the harpoon mechanics are straightforward and simple enough.

PS: Buy tier 5, it’s worth it.

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you said caves for one

and 200m is the max distance. walls will cancel him completely, however, he will “deviate” by 10m. so if an opening is within 10m, he will go that way. i dont know how this exactly works, but its possible 200m is the max TRAVEL distance and deviations might subtract that max distance depending on how far he deviated

I know all of this but I’ll be 200m out, throw him into the caves and he’ll pole away.

Why do you think so? Do you mean the complete season pass? I don’t play monster, so buying all hunters one by one would be cheaper.

albiet true, it would be a few $ cheaper. you wont get the skins included in the Pass

and it never hurts to have that 1 extra character for 5$ less.

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