Starting a Monster gameplay serie, idea is to shine light in on playing the Monster


Hello Evolve community, I go by the name of MrWeedoz and I’m a hideous monster :smile:

Today I start a youtube series on Monster gameplay, I’ve been able to get in to top 50 as a Monster and I could say I’m pretty decent on how to play one too…
The idea behind this series is, I play a round as a monster and I live commentate as the round progresses. I try to speak out loud my mind set as the game goes on, in hopes of shining insight of what being a monster is about (for me atleast) and I hope this series would encourage more people to try out the monster in this game as it’s hella fun to play :smiley:

So I present the 1st of many videos Being the Beast

And please do give constructive criticism and share your insight of monster gameplay to the rest of us, I’m all about discussing tactics and tricks on becoming even more lethal as the Monster.
Since we all want to Evolve to a better gamer :smiley:

PS: I also do live stream this game a lot so if interested on coming to chat tactics, the game or just random crap… you’re welcome @

Awright folks, Part 2 is up, and today we have some Kraken gameplay, match had a very good support cabot wich was pain in the butt :smile:
Being the Beast #2

Part 2 of Being the Beast | Informative video series

Was pleasant to watch it !

I love your voice, it’s like… a good goliath voice :joy:


I’m glad you enjoy, there’ll be more to come with different monsters, I’d love to get some good teams to fight against too :smile: