"Starter Edition" for Evolve


I just saw today that Rainbow Six Siege is releasing a “Starter Edition” for their game. It seems to be the entire, full game, but instead of $50 USD, it’s $15. The difference is it seems like it will take 2x as long to unlock characters. Instead of costing 600 experience/“renown”, it will be 12.5k. You get 4 base characters to start, but the others will take longer to get. If you buy the full game, it’s less of a “grind.”

I bring this up because I thought that was a unique strategy to sell more copies. I liked the game a lot during the beta, and I’m likely buying it today now that it’s cheaper, as the price tag is what was keeping me away. I am thinking it might be an idea worth exploring more for Evolve, as well? One must admit that Evolve would be really well suited to this sort of strategy… for instance, you get the 4 basic, tier1 hunters with the starter edition, but have to unlock, sequentially, the other tiers as a grind. It allows for more people to buy at a cheaper price point (or get hooked, and opt to purchase the “full” game) while also introducing them to characters at a slower pace so they might get more exposure to each, and get to know each class better. If you only have 4 characters unlocked, for instance, you might be more likely to swap around between classes (rather than, say, play Maggie for every single game) and get familiar with each role.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


well thanks for post because now I am gonna buy that 15€ version of rainbow !


This is a damn good idea, the free weekends brought in huge numbers compared to our current playerbase so a more accessible option that lets people take their time and learn at their own pace could bring in a lot of people.


Agreed…anything to bring up our current playerbase count on PC. I’m very disappointed at how low it is right now. Tough to get a game on nowadays.


Evolve is available under 10€ on PC and consoles. It’s cheap enough.
I don’t think there is a need for this kind of edition. :slight_smile:


The Starter edition does not allow for access to all characters


It does. It allows access to the “full game”, but you only get 4 characters at the start (2 random, 2 of your choice using credits) and must get experience for the others, which takes significantly longer compared to those who are using the full game, since each character costs more experience to purchase.


Isn’t this how the game was released? I know I had to unlock everybody past tier 1, except dlc characters.


So a couple of things about this. I read into R6 (I own it on XB1) and it’s new Starter Pack. Personally I am rooting for it to be a hit so more games that are multiplayer focused can give the players options in pricing.

What you get for $15

You get 2 random Operators from a select pool and you get enough R6 to unlock either 2 more Operators or anything else. You have access to all the other Operators through the Progression System, have access to the DLC, can compete in ESL ect. It’s basically the whole game just with a couple key differences.

The main differences

The main difference here is a different Progression system. Currently if you want to unlock Operators and you buy the Standard Version of the game the Operators unlock on a sliding scale.

  • 200 Renown for the first Operator in a set

  • 300 for the next

  • 400 for the 3rd

  • 500 for the final Operator of the set

DLC Operators 25,000

In this new Progression for the the Starter edition EACH OPERATOR COST 12,500 Renown or basically half the cost of the DLC ones. The DLC Operators remain 25,000. Using Ubisofts own numbers, players get on average about 1,000 Renown an hour, meaning each Operator will take about 12-15 hours to unlock.

How does the Math Stack Up? So lets look at some number crunching. Assuming you unlock all 4 of your potential Operators when when you buy the game and you want to unlock the current DLC characters. How much Renown will that take? Well there are:

16 Base Operators ( 200,000 Renown )
Minus the 4 you unlocked (-50,000 Renown)


But wait we have to add in the 4 DLC Operators at 25,000 a piece!


So assuming your newer player is just a little below average and can pull in 800 Renown an Hour (not too uncommon given the learning curve of the game) were looking at 250,000/800…

312.5 Hours to Unlock Every Operator!

So what does that mean

Well I don’t know about you but I don’t have about 13 days of game time to unlock every Operator! (not including Attachments/Skins/Charms/Headgear) Well Lucky for me Ubisoft gives me options!

  • Buy Renown Boosters

  • Buy R6 Credits

  • Buy the Season Pass (mostly for DLC characters but there is a small Renown Boost)

  • Spend $35 to instantly unlock the other base Operators

  • Just Grind (just in time for the next set of Operators to Drop!)

  • Do Daily Challenges for Renown (if the challenge is for a character you don’t have, tough noogies!)

Notice how almost all of those entail spending money!

In Summation Now what does this mean for a game like Evolve? Well is it possible to adjust the system in a way to get it to work? Sure! However keep in mind some of the key differences between the two games.
  • Evolve doesn’t have a currency system (in game or real cash)

  • Evolve doesn’t have an unlock system

  • If all else fails in R6 and all of your characters are already chosen, you can play as a Recruit. Evolve doesn’t have a similar fail-safe for if you fall into a situation where all the characters you unlocked are unavailable to play.


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Also the Starter Edition seems to be on sale for a Limited Time only


already bought it, finally :3


False. It is not limited, you can check for yourself on the Steam page.


If I buy the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition, will I still be able to play after the sale period is over on Uplay / Steam?
Yes. Since you purchased the game you will have all the privileges that the Starter Edition offers.

Well that’s worded strangely then

Also this:

Is this starter edition also planned on console?
No. The Starter Edition is currently only available to buy PC from June 2nd to June 19th 2016.


You’re wrong. It has an unlock system, if you get 1 star in each capacity of a tier 1 monster/hunter, you get the tier 2 monster/hunter. Idem to get the tier 3, but with the tier 2 instead.


He’s correct. There’s no unlock system, that was thrown out the window a long time ago.

All characters are unlocked at the start.


Ho…because the first time I played Evolve, the tier 2 and 3 characters were locked and I had to get 1 star in each ability to get the next tier.


It’s been changed since then. I believe with the 5.0 patch.


Was the 5.0 released after September 9 2015?


I’m sorry I meant Character Unlock!