Start spawn was glitched, loading issue maybe,


I was playing Val on aviary with all teir 1 hunter/monster and loaded in on the ground without a ship animation. This was in hunt mode skirmish.

According to my teammates i appeared in the ship with them on their screen. Meanwhile on my screen i was on the ground looking at them and the monster on the ground all clipping inside each other. They didn’t move on my screen. I could walk around and use my jet pack (it recharged too), i could only use my sniper and healing gun but i could not reload them (my other abilities/weapons didn’t even show on my screen). When they apparently landed on their screen i was just in the sky still, on my screen they had not moved and i was still walking around going arrrrrr…what the heck. Animals didn’t attack me either on my screen.

I then quit (and got the minute wait thing), i could not rejoin them. I believe it tried as it said instantly 4 players found but then quickly went back to searching. It stayed searching for a fair while until i quit the search and tried again of which it quickly found other randoms