Start game, shows running on steam for 10 seconds, then closes


It started happening after the update, It starts, nothing pops up, it shows running on steam, the process closes after a few seconds and goes back to Online. My GPU is a GTX 960, 8GB RAM and an AMD FX-6300. My drivers are up to date.


Close steam and make sure no steam processes are running in task manager, and then give it a go, if it still dont work try verifying your game files and restarting your PC.


Done. Verified, Reinstalled, deleted from library and re-added, restarted, remove drivers and reinstalled, compatibility, running as admin, nothing worked


Well hot damn, any ideas @TheMountainThatRoars


I’ve got nothing, but we can tap @dysa72 and @ArPharazon.


Try deleting entire contents of Steam\userdata\xxxxxxxx\273350 – replace xxxxxxxx with whatever numerically named folder(s) you find in there. Steam is usually installed under C:\Program Files (x86).

From memory, please correct for typos. Or check my post history.

The 273350 part is important. That’s Evolve’s. Don’t delete from other folders or you’ll erase who knows what from your other games.