"Starred" Topics Missing


I don’t have the option to view my starred topics. Usually it’s between “Categories” and “Dev Tracker”. Anyone else having this problem?

Edit: I can’t see them from my profile either.


Mine’s dissapeared as well

Edit: I don’t see the option to star topics either, maybe discourse changed the system


Yeah, discourse removed stars/ merged it with the bookmark system

Heres a quote

Yes, we decided to unify stars and bookmarks. Cliffs notes
All your existing stars will be converted to bookmarks on post #1

I intend to add a topic list filter for ?bookmarked=true

We will add a bookmark topic button at the bottom of all topics (to replace star topic)

A lot of code duplication and smell was removed

Star icon next to every topic in every topic listing is removed to reduce visual clutter

Starred top level filter is removed (which can still be achieved with ?bookmarked=true or mods can add a “bookmarked” top level tab if they insist - default off)

Keyboard shortcuts will be added to fill gaps for advanced users.


I preferred it the old way, but ah well.