Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Thread


This game is awesome! best Star wars board game ever! What fleet do you guys have?

I have the core set, X-wing expansion, TIE fighter expansion, A-wing Expansion, and TIE interceptor expansion.


Umm picture please?



Oh, hmm never heard of it


I have one of each core set because I really like the T-70 X-Wing and Poe’s pilot card. I also have the Rebel and Imperial Aces packs as well as the Slave I and the Millenium Falcon packs for some large ship action. The only expansions I can think of that I might still pick up in the future are the HWK-290 and the TIE Advanced.

I don’t play competitively nor do I ever plan to; I’m pretty happy with the ships that I have. I have a few fleet lists with what I have and I pretty much treat it like a more traditional board game rather than a miniatures game. It’s a lot easier to get people to play it if I can just set it up and teach them the rules, rather than making them buy their own minis and learn to build their own fleets.


that is why there are 2(3 if you count S&V) sides to play as :smiley:


I do not have a miniature ship collecting problem, no sir.


oh really…


Yeah, I have the core set, y wing, a wing, b wing, millennium falcon and tie defender right now. Need to add some more empire miniatures to the mix!


Get TIE advanced or TIE bomber.

I don’t know the Imp equivilant to B-wing.

Slave 1

possibru B-wing counterpart?


By the way, it’s a table top game and not a board game. It gives you freedom of 4x4ft of three dimensional space to choose how you move. And I am ironically waiting on the original x~wing in the mail since two days ago.


B-wing is my favorite. Can anyone tell me the difference between the core sets?


OG core set has one T-65 X-wing and 2 TIE/LN fighters, while TFA’s core set has one T-70 X-wing and two TIE/FO Fighters, both have different pilots and upgrades (OG core has Luke, TFA core has Poe, etc etc etc.).


So the gameplay is a little different. Got it. I can’t wait to play it.


I actually got two of the packs last Christmas and I love the game so far. I got the force awakens core set, and rebel aces pack, I eventually want to get the k-wing though.


I’d say TIE Defender, maybe advanced if you think that’s too powerful relative to the B-Wing, that’s probably going to far in the other direction though. There are a few options there.