Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter Re-Release!


While the Big Alpha is coming up this weekend, what are we to do when it finishes? How about playing the greatest Star Wars games around?

GOG just released X-Wing and Tie-Fighter as DRM free digital downloads, only $10USD a pop

GOG - X-Wing Special Edition


I have so many fond memories of these games.


I remember sitting and playing X-Wing for hours at a time. I managed to get DOSBOX to run it a year or so ago, but it was plagued with issues


Ya, it wasn’t designed (Like other older games) for future proofing computers. I still remember going through every level and not moving on until I was able to destroy every opponent, even when I was a lowly single unit against several of their capital ships. I think it was fairly easy to exploit that capital ships in that game. I wish they would come out with a full graphic/engine update for this and Wing Commander 3.


Hopefully they make it work well on modern hardware.

Loved this series. Played it in college.


Used to play this when I was really young, I was hoping this meant they were doing a reboot. :frowning:


X-Wing Alliance was the greatest…TIE Defender Pew Pew!

This was a great series as I played the hell out of it back in High School, I will likely be picking it up as well


CAN CONFIRM. Something like $2500 worth of gaming gear, and I’m playing this:

The Thrustmaster T-Flight I’ve been using for Elite: Dangerous works like a charm (although I had to unplug my Xbox controller, because it was defaulting to use it instead).


Nice! I am officially jealous.


I’m playing this at home every night after work Chris :slight_smile:


Right. So I’m following you home!


dat sneaky edit :wink: ^^


Yeah well. I gotta try to be a good example. :wink: