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Kahn is the narrator? :smiley:


Wooottttt can’t wait to see this. Really hoping Disney doesn’t kiddie it up too much. And for the love of god no ewoks!


I’m not sure if I care for the ‘lightsaber claymore’. Otherwise not too shabby so far.


I thought it looked pretty bad a$$, but I’d have to see the way it’s wielded to determine whether or not I truly like it.


From the director that brought you the only tolerable thing to watch on ABC, Lost! And a nostalgic movie about a movie, Super 8 … comes Disney Wars!

No seriously though, he’s probably one of the only capable hands to work on this. I mean no one is brave enough to give Christopher Nolan the Star Wars franchise… lmao


Stop you from getting your hands shopped off!


I wonder if they can come apart and act like Lightsaber Daggers.


I believe that’s Adam Driver.

Which is one of the reasons I’ve cooled on the Benedict Cumberbatch love train. I like him, sure, but he’s being used all over just because he sounds like a generic educated Englishman.


I loved his first Star Trek movie.



But yea I liked it too. :smile:

On a scale of Star Trek movies though its pretty low.

Wrath of Khan , Undiscovered Country, First Contact, hard to live up to the classics.


Actually JJ Abrams has said he’s never really been a big fan of Star Trek, he’s always been more of a Star Wars man. Could be something he’s saying to justify it, but… The new Star Trek films always felt more like they hewed closer to the Star Wars formula than any previous Trek entry anyhow.


I enjoyed the first of the new Star Trek movies actually. Haven’t seen anymore but definitely want to watch them


Idk… Kinda screamed Sith lol. I’m sure they cooked up some cool used for it too.


They’re good, I really enjoyed them. The second one is really good too, I recommend it. I just feel that they feel more like Star Wars films than Star Trek flms, there’s something missing… Or perhaps it’s that they’re too action-oriented and slick? I don’t know, but something feels more Star Wars-y, to me. Not a bad thing, but I think JJ Abrams will be in his element with Star Wars.


The teaser started really “meh”, but as it progressed the scenes became better and better. The sound design is really nostaglic and well designed especially the flight of X-Wings really brings you back to the original trilogy.


Seriously though, the scenes with the X-wings and Millennium Falcon were amazing! I just hope it doesn’t get over disney-fied/jar-jar-ified. No matter what it is though, it looks like it will be very enjoyable!



@Brandini I am with I really hope they don’t make it to much like … Disney if they do im gona miss the epic lightsaber battles :cry:


I got goosebumps all over my body… Can’t wait to see the film.