Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers)


Here you guys go, a thread for your thoughts of this movie.

I’m not personally a fan of Star Wars, but might as well make a mega thread to organize things.

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New Star Wars Movie

I was supposed to watch it tonight. Then i realized how late it was, so I’ll see it later in the week/ early next week.



The Force Unleashed is a game…


Goes to show how little of a shit he gives about it.



Not a fan…


If you mean discussion of any events or peticulars in the movie, I’d recommend adding (spoilers) to the title.



Fuck the new movie. They already said its not related to the original star wars, so I’m not going to support them.

I think its stupid how they are trying to get all the old fans of star wars hyped over something that dosnt pertain to the original storyline they fell in love with.


I agree, why would they do that?


i want to go back to jakku… no no no no no " enough said"

“This is a Millennium Falcon?? and your hanz solo??” and he says " i used to be "…face palm


I mean, I don’t loathe it, but I don’t really care about it one way or another. I might see it if I get around to it, but only if I hear good things about it and probably not in theaters.

Also, in other news, Vader is awesome.


Look at my profile pic boy lol



1.) Rae using the force just like that
2.) Weak af villain
3.) obvious death scenes
4.) Han Solo one liners
5.) lightsaber battle
6.) the ending… omg


I know! I’m in on the joke!


Watching it in 2 hours from now :DDDDDDDDDDDD


Huh? The Force Awakens is entirely related to the other star wars movies.

Edit: I enjoyed it a lot, though I’m not surprised that certain people of a certain disposition would get too picky about it. For me, (aside from all the references they put in to the old films) it felt very much like it could have been the first ever star wars film, and for a lot of kids that end up seeing this as their first exposure to Star Wars I think they’ll be blown away by it.


One Star Wars Fan’s Review…

Well I just came home from the cinemas from seeing it…

I feel like I should add a suitable disclaimer to what I am about to say though:
I love Star Wars. ROTJ was my number one favorite film of all time until I was about 20, and I still enjoy it now that I am in my 30’s. I made models of the vehicles as a teenager, and I own about a dozen Star Wars video games going all the way back to the RTS game Star Wars: Rebellion and the X-Wing series.

Deep breath here…

The Force Awakens is utterly horrible and I am astounded at what Disney did to its original characters and story.

The first half was actually pretty good, with the promise of something better, but at about the halfway mark it turns farcical. Virtually every second scene is a complete rip off of material from the original three films, with many famous dialogue lines actually inserted almost word for word from the originals. The actors chosen to play the main Imperial figures are terrible and have no screen or theatrical presence whatsoever. Not one comes even remotely close to the actor who portrayed Grand Moff Tarkin. And as for our three humans and two droids returning from the originals - I feel so ashamed for them at what they were made to do with their characters it hurts.

Please go see it, if for no other reason than to form your own opinion. Yes it has superb CGI, and the new lead actors do a reasonable job with their roles, but from the mid-point onward expect a circus full of puns and contrived moments, rather than the space opera we know and love. (Keep an eye out for the Mon Cal around the command table who is there as a neat reminder of Admiral Ackbar at just the right moment) I normally hate reading comments like this, but I love this series and I am being as honest as I can here. Disney has done nothing more than take something we love and turned it into a quick money making scheme before anyone catches them out. That is the only thing I can think of that makes sense when I see reviewers giving it 5/5 scores. I’m not bashing it. I’m in mourning for my childhood.


It’s a bit meh tbh…

…major spoilers ahead…

the storyline feels quite similar to the first one (episode 4) which was great at the time but yeah…

the main villain kylo ren (sp?) is basically a petulant teenager with no menace at all.
solo dies which angered me to a point where I wanted to leave
luke dosen’t even have a speaking role.
some of the fight scenes are ok I suppose
but yeah most of the storyline you can pretty much guess from about 5-10 mins into the film

at least it’s not as bad as episode 1 or 2

ps…when are the empire going to learn not to build a death star with such glaring weaknesses (or was this a little inside joke that I missed or something)


I think that’s the interesting point about him, he’s feared by so many, and has great power, but yet he’s not even really fully in control of it and lacks any kind of experience/maturity

Don’t watch any modern TV stuff then, fan favourites die all the time these days :stuck_out_tongue:

This time…

The only reason that the base was able to be destroyed was because Han pulled off a crazy idea to light speed jump into the atmosphere of the planet (which… you know… wow). Sure, there are plot holes here and such, but the base was entirely defensible until the point that something happened that no-one in their right mind would have considered would happen.