Star Wars-ish Holo Battle game?


I’m not completely sold on this but the idea is interesting…and Phil Tippet is a big deal! Trouble is I see CCG and that makes me shudder, meaning I will have to buy card packs to try and get good monsters and end up with a bunch of duplicates. Also, it’s not true holograms on the board but augmented reality via your device. Still though…I have my eye on it.

Kudos for using 3D maquettes! Remember Primal Rage and how awesome it looked? That was due to the 3D maquettes, so I know these monsters would look great.


so like that board game Chewie played in episode 4 and Finn turned on in 7?


That’s what it reminds me of but not quite 100% there…not a true hologram projecting table…but still, technology is heading that way.


I can’t hear it because it’s nighttime so a summary? Cause the thumbnail look boss like a golden toilet!


The creator made the holotable from Star Wars, they even show it in the video!


True…but I mean that this game isn’t actually utilizing holograms projected from something onto a table like the one from Star Wars…not that that was a real table by any means, it was CGI effects, but this is getting closer to actualizing that for our own reality…er, if that makes sense.


so, is holo-chess, but no holochess?


I’m afraid so.



I don’t know why we have to have augmented reality and wear holo-lenses…why can’t they just make a holo-table? I mean, sure the cost at first will be beyond means but then in a few years it’ll become affordable. You know we all want it. They already have holographic technology and use it for entertainment on large scale like having holograms dancing on a stage…one you don’t need glasses for or anything but your eyes. The next step, to me, would be to make the stage your living room table.


I like the Star Wars Battlefront more interesting. No doubt that Holobattle is good too. Star Wars: Battlefront Kaufen is the ultimate combat experience to me.


must have… MUST!!!