Star Wars + Evolve crossover


In an alternate universe, where monsters
never attacked shear, a far greater threat
replaced them that even Cabot and co.
cannot defeat; The Galactic Empire and
several hired bounty hunters. Can the
Hunters, surviving Ebonstar Members,
The rebellion, and a familiar Friend
defeat this combined force? we
will soon find out…

NOTE: this is a project that have no idea when will be published, but I do know the chapters will be uploaded to the forums when I feel like it, but here is a wish list I need to get this going before I even bring it into writing:

  1. A title

  2. Knowledge of the Ebonstar arsenal of Weaponry, and Vehicles.

  3. Do Ebonstar ships use weapons?

  4. Are there Ebonstar starships? (like Ties or X-wing kind of starship.)

I will answer questions down below.


Will this be uploaded to The Hunter/Monster ships are lonely.


I thought uploading chapters to here, as it would be quicker and I wouldn’t have to spend all the extra time setting up a fiction account and such :slightly_smiling:


bump because I don’t want this to die


You should’ve tagged @Matthew for lore and stuff.


bump because I don’t want this to die


Please don’t bump a topic for the sake of bumping it.


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