Star Wars Episode VII


So now we have a new trailer for episode 7 we have more to discuss and i want to discuss it with everyone here


I’m really hoping for a female jedi lead!


Well it looks amazing! Can’t wait to hear more about the story.


it is, you can see someone hand he the lightsaber, and shes seen throughout the trailer alot


It is JJ Abrahams though, I just think the last 6 movies had too many male Jedi’s in lead roles. Hoping all that changes.


I’m personally more interested in Star Wars: Rogue One. Apparently it’s suppose to be a darker tone to it, where it’s Star Wars with elements of Black Hawk Down and Zero Dark Thirty and it focuses around the Rebels stealing the Death Star plans.


True. Hopefully, the female lead will be handicapped as well; the handicapped just aren’t really portrayed in movies as cool heroes.


thread revival cause I just now saw it