Star Wars: Episode 8 is in Production! (Possible Ep 7 spoilers)


Well how about that…

Thoughts? Hype train or nah?





I’m more excited about Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern joining the cast!


I didn’t know this!! They are both amazing actors!


I’m excited love star wars !


I just pray they don’t make another f%#%ing Death Star … other than that hyppppppeee !!!


they already did…


also, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars are we allowed to post stuff about the 7th movie? it’s been out for quite a while…


Isn’t the TFA topic labeled for spoilers?


I know, but what about theories of what people think about ep 8 with spoilers


Updated the topic, you’re good to go.


thank you for answering.


some things I want in ep 8.

  1. Rey NOT to be a Skywalker

  2. Billy Dee Williams to come back as Lando

  3. some force ghosts like Obi-wan and Yoda to help train Rey.

  4. familiar planets, like Tatooine or Hoth.


  6. familiar creatures, like Rodians, Ithorans, Zabrak.

  7. Space battles

that’s all I want, what do you guys want in episode 8?


I mean for the upcoming episodes =_=


Things i want on ep.8

  1. Rey to BE a Skywalker
  2. Fin to die
  3. Luke to die
  4. Fin to die
  5. Find out tons of things concerning about the Knights of Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke
  6. Fin to die
  7. More realistic Jedi battles and battles in general. Fin has no reason whatsoever to have survived a lightsaber battle with Kylo.
  8. Kill Fin and we call it a day X-D
  9. Rebirth of the Jedi order

P.s.: Star Wars episode 8 : Fin’s Finale


why u gotta hate on Luke and Finn… Poe and Finn = bromance buddies 4 life.


I just think they will kill Luke just to bail him out due to age , like with Harrison Ford X-D
Fin … I hate the character, the script around him and the fact that he fought freakin Kylo Ren and lived to tell the story. It was just unecessary to put him there on that fight and total bs to survive that X-D
Yep I hate him more than the freakin Deathstar or Star killer or whatever they call each and every Death Star version.
I mean come on really can’t they think of a better super weapon or at least another concept design ? They just making that ball bigger. X-D


but… Mark Hamill and John Boyega unlike Harrison Ford like Star Wars…


Fin is my Jar Jar Binks he can RIP in ep.8
At least lets hope Mark Hamil by the age of 64 has learnt how to act , because if you see the first movies ever again you will realise how much of a BAAAAD acting there was in there X-D


but I was going to Tosche station to get power converters…