Star Wars: Empire at War


this game is awesome, only bad thing about it is in the galactic conquest for the empire is when admiral Ackbar comes out of no where with a huge ass fleet on one of your weak planets.


I loved the forces of corruption expansion for it


I absolutely love the game, it is I think the game that got me into gaming in the first place.

The only sad thing is that I have PTSS from the “Imperial/Rebel fleet approaching”, and the dreadful 2-6 seconds wait until, indeed, Ackbar or Darth showed up with a big-ass fleet.


I liked this game. The only thing I didn’t like was that you got more resources for destroying units than losing them. So it had a snowball mechanic to it on land battles. Lots of fun to be had though.


Vader? what about Piett?

also yes, Admiral Asshole is literally in every battle in space you see on galactic conquest for the empire.


I’ll say one thing, when it comes to ground battles, fight the battle till odds are in your favor, and then hit the retreat button and then auto resolve, this is going to be your best friend.


that, and the very low population cap in land battles (in space it was less noticeable). Yes, it forced more tactical play, but on the other hand, I always wanted to roflstomp people with a buttload of AT-AT’s or Star Destroyers/Mon calamari cruisers. That’s the reason why I like C&C even more (and why C&C 4 kinda sucked)


Ooooh the amount of ire I have to EA for fing that franchise up. 3 Was perfect, the Scrim ending was spectacular. 4 was a big giant middle finger to the franchise. Lets remove the economy from the game and just spam shit out. Who thought that would be good for a sequel?


I love that game one of the best strategy games I have ever played.


The only thing for me in this game were space fights. I didn’t care for ground assaults.
Forces of Corruption made the MP unbalanced, unfortunately. God, I love space fights in SW universe…


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