Star wars battlefront outer rim trailer


seems cool and stuff but I have mixed feelings now


I would have got Battlefront if they had the clone wars as well. They could add so many more heroes. Knowing EA it will likely be a separate game in the future because having the rights to star wars they are gonna milk that so hard.


they said they want to stick to the original trilogy so expect awful empire characters. greedo seems cool though.
but the rebels will probably get good characters from now on.


I mean without the clone wars that is limiting them completely which is a big shame. Used to love playing droids in the old battlefronts.


maybe at most they could probably give boba a jango skin but still very unlikely


and I’m here just waiting for admiral ackbar


‘‘heros vs villians is gonna be 4 vs 4 and be up to 16 players now’’

level cap is now 60 and all soldiers get a combat roll

vader was buffed to be tankier and lukes speed was nerfed

they are fixing hero hunt to make the top damage dealers the hero


Loved the Republic Jet Trooper. CIS battle droid rockets were amazing. I think if I had not played the first two battlefronts I probably would love this new one. I wouldn’t know what I was missing.


Always felt Vader was too weak, good to hear hes going to be more tankier. I’m a SW fan mos def so I guess I’m going to get the season pass eventually.


people are saying the weequay will be the level 60 unlock


I bought it. Slightly regret it. It’s cool and all but the fact that EA completely denies to adding any prequel or sequel content into the game (i.e Just the original trilogy), it limits it so hard.

Then when you look at the new heroes Greedo and whats-his-face, it just deepens my disappointment because I know they’re going to milk it as hard as they can. Bad DLC to segregate the playerbase and multiple equally lacking sequels rather than just making one great game with all the content.


The sad thing is a lot of the other content in this pack is really good. The maps that have been recently released (twilight hoth, survivors of endor, the new sullust and tatooine map) all are really cool looking and seem awesome, but the heroes, god do they suck.
If on launch they had all these good maps and weapons, and then instead of greedo and nien numb (god I hate that I know that guy by name now) have someone like Bossk or IG-88 for empire and the Chewbacca or Lando or Obi Wan or Yoda for a hero.


I want General Veers!


i enjoy the game but the heros balance is off a little vader can stay back and just use abilitys others times he gets killed instantly


what can genral veers do again?


what can Greedo do?


Veers had more screen time, possibly enough to become a supporting antagonist!


but greedo killed han in ghost form during the force awakens he turned on the saber stabbing han.
he got his revenge 30 years later


Well Veers killed Yoda

To avenge his teammates that died via Luke and Wedge in the AT-AT.


well greedo was secretly helping vader pick up palpatine


What can veers do other than yell at stromtroopers and be choked by Vader?