Star wars battlefront ll EA


Han solo was confirmed and possibly jangos slave 1.


More like vietnam.


Felucia was Vietnam, Both Umbara and Gallipoli had horrble tactics/generals and resulted in heavy casualties.


Vietnam also had terrible tactics and generals, but I see what you’re saying. In umbara though, the republic was attacking a faction that had sided with their enemy. Kind of similar to the political situation that caused the vietnam war.


same with Galipoli, the ottomans joined the war on the side of the central powers, provoking a British landing.

And i’d just like to say Umbara feels a lot more like a Galipoli battle because of the clone ships landing at the start of the battle, getting slaughtered instantly by the Umbaran guns instantly, of where the US had it’s military bases in south Vietnam and other countries to safely deploy US troops without worry their Hueys would instantly get shot down.


I wasn’t talking so much of the actual battles(except umbaran tactics were similar to the viet cong(guerrilla warfare and ambushes)), but more of the political situation. Also the terrain.


to be perfectly honest though, i feel the Vietnam title fits Felucia a lot more, maybe the title could apply to multiple battles, maybe it can’t.


64 space battles confirmed but it’s 24 pro and rest are bots. Multiple heroes for Walker assault I think and no more hero puck ups


You now have to earn the hero and vehicle abilities


Thank goodness. I was sick of those fools camping the hero/vehicle spawns :rage:


Thoughts on having this clone as a possible loadout for one of the classes? i wouldn’t mind.


Felucia definitely fits in terms of the terrain and crappy conditions for the clones, but other than that it doesn’t bear many similarities to 'nam…


yes it does.

It’s entirely jungle, you can’t see the enemy, almost everything wants to kill you, It’s either burning hot or so humid you’re sweating in places you can’t sweat, It can get claustrophobic, and the enemy is honestly fairing a lot better than you in the conditions.

That, and according to battlefront 2, a lot of clones were scarred from the sights they saw during the battle.


My question is would we get any clone heroes like Rex or Cody?


Most likely not, it’s already known no rebels or rogue one characters will appear in game, so i find it highly unlikely clone wars will make the cut.


Save that for later I assume.
I want more Rogue One stuff, those settings were cool.


So no Asoka? :frowning:


Just like Umbara, except in Umbara the political situation is also similar to 'nam.

felucia sucks too tho. :stuck_out_tongue: hardest map in the old battlefront II.


Probably not.
That is until we finally get a reboot of the prequels and they include her!
One day. One, far off day that will never come.


well, one of the concept arts featured several stormtroopers and a Rogue one tank on Jeddha, so lets not get our hopes down :slight_smile:

@GLaDOSauR i feel that you’re sort of right in that fact. I guess both planets can be clone wars Vietnams.