Star wars battlefront ll EA


It should considering it’s more or less $120 dollars base. ($60 for the first one $60 for the second) If people just would stop buying day 1 especially from companies that have been known to suck this wouldn’t be an issue :frowning:



I’m hopeful but no chance I’m gonna pre-order.


Yeah never pre-order.
Also there’s a high chance this time there will be no season pass. Not confirmed, but highly likely.


I pre-ordered evolve cause the open beta and alpha were amazing.


I pre-ordered Evolve for that reason.
But when it is EA publishing the game,
Always wait.

Anyone else want Cad Bane in the game? He is one cool guy.


The first eA battlefront ruined bounty hunters for me especially bossk


Well I didn’t play Battlefront 1 past the beta, so they are still intact for me.


Let’s just say bossk is practically unlikable without being bombarded by everything




Why would they hide with the light sabers out? They are super noisy. Don’t turn them on until you are ready to attack. They could even wait until mid swing…


Because it is a very silly cartoon.


I get easily annoyed by those things. Lol


I guess palpatine has a special droid in the story that he gave commands or something


There red with like a black helmet kinda look like royal guards


i’m actually certain palpatine put another version of his mind into the robot.


The story is supposed to be canon to so maybe palatine can still be around in some form




Just a heads up, on the preorder for the Deluxe Edition in says it will contain bonuses for several classes. So it seems that classes will return to multiplayer.


We know. It’s already been mentioned in this thread.


I hope they make an Umbara map for the clone wars, It was basically the Gallipoli of Star Wars.