Star wars battlefront ll EA


So I’m hyped it looks like they’re will be gun modification and hero customization along with the class system from the original battlefront 2.


Ridable tautauns, other animals, the pre orders are rey and kylo ren but they look like there from the last Jedi. confirmed heroes so far are darth maul, Yoda, luke , palatine ? , rey and kylo ren


this looks goooooood


also i’d like to say, they’re returning the class system.


My question though is it 32 Vs 32 ?


sadly, no.

but to be honest what i’m hearing i really don’t mind.


I hope Heroes Vs villains is altleast 5 heroes and villains in a round


also, i think i heard they announced Jango Fett.


I heard obi was shown in concept art I’m not sure if this info is trustworthy



Give us Grevious, and not animated Clone Wars Grevious,but cool 2003 Grevious





2nd Grevious video isn’t canon.


I meant give us the second variation
@reactiveisland5 unfortunately


So? We can still use that as inspiration for how cool he could be.


Gonna keep my hopes up for this one even though the first one was a big disappointment.


i feel it’s gonna be like titanfall: shitty on the first one, good at the second.


Except Titanfall changed a lot in terms of the game industry.


I might actually be interested in this since they’re bringing back classes.


And now their is weapon customization.
And with there being 3 eras, unless the weapons are carbon copies, there has to be a lot of weapon diversity, and map diversity.