Star Wars: Battlefront II - Official Discussion


That’s where it loses its comparison. The depth of what you can do with your star fighter is definitely reduced. Shields kind of exist, but it doesn’t really matter because if you take damage and evade for long enough then your ship miraculously recovers it’s full integrity.

So you have 3 abilities, altered by class, side and era, and for some reason your weapons overheat if you use them constantly. You can’t shoot missiles out of the sky unfortunately, at least not with any reliable chance that I’ve seen.

Also there is no radar so you largely have no clue what’s going on around you. The game does its best on trying to make you aware of where the ship you last attacked, and the ship that last attacked you is, but it’s no where near as intuitive as the old games were. Reports are that joystick support is basically non existent if you wanted to be really nostalgic.

Then you have a slight issue with thrust, you can only filter between a limited range.

But overall I can see that with the simplicity comes a pretty accessible way to dogfight. The ui is focused on helping people I’ll rather than learning how to lead your shots. Managing your heat takes place of managing anything else with your ship. Avoiding and losing your tail, or a missile, and coming out alive feels like an achievement and can be a rush.

In general all fighters tend to be pretty easy to destroy, ties feel harder to destroy than the older games but then the balance is 12 v 12 rather than you as a lone fighter against waves of imperial forces as per x wing! Conversely, for some reason, interceptor classes feel really weak to fight with and make other ships seem like tanks. Haven’t quite worked it out.

Bombers are too nimble and somehow can take on fighters with relative ease, but you don’t really med boomers because in most scenarios the fighter class has better abilities and still does enough damage to meet objectives.

So…it’s weird. It doesn’t feel like the old games, but it is (to me) still exciting in a similar way that the old games were exciting. It has plenty of things I’d do differently, and some things I wish they would change right away, but it feels like a more rewarding mode than galactic ( just throw grenades or snipe better as an officer than the specialist ) assault.


Ah fair enough, thanks for the recap :slight_smile:


That seems absolutely crazy, but I would like a character that I noticed a little : Anakin Skywalker
I dont know who are the character you’re talking about, I’d rather see less "niche"characters.
Thrawn isn’t a fighter.
I’m rather waiting maps instead. Coruscant. Felucia. Mustafar. Geonosis. Utapau.


Maybe. I didn’t finish the books but I think it’s really the kind of officer that can’t actively engage the enemy during a fight. But yeah it could work.

Yep they are, but it’s completely normal in my point of view, nothing to be excited for.


Same old same old with this game. People just have no clue how to do objectives in public play.


I think that is with most games. Objectives aren’t as important as objectives/points. Just KDRs/teabagging.


Which I think I’d have no problem with if the maps were set up so that objectives didn’t really matter in the first two phases, but the third phase really mattered. That way at least you’d get a non-frustrating deathmatchy main portion followed by something you’ll only crack with team work… far too many matches end at the first phase of 3 because people don’t do the thing they’re supposed to do on attack (edit: Or that it’s far too easy to defend against)


I might get battlefront ii for Christmas. Any tips? What’s good about it, what’s not good, etc… I saw a video of the campaign, which looked pretty fun. The drone takedowns and the sneak attacks seemed pretty cool.