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Hah, I was just about to make this thread.

I have gone ahead and bought this game, not interested in any DLC controversy talk here personally just chat about the game and people looking to play!


Yeah I’m interested in the game but just don’t have the money or time right now to play it. The game itself looks great though from what I’ve seen of it so far.

I played the first one a bit, but there just wasn’t enough in the gameplay itself to keep me interested for very long. Looks like they solved that for this one though. Even just having classes and such makes a huge difference.


I’m buyin it. It’ll take a couple days to download with my 500KB/s download speed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was starfighter mode in the first one? I’m kind of a little sad because it really doesn’t feel quite right, but it’s nice to be dogfighting in an X-wing again. Pretty much always at the bottom of the leaderboard though :cry:


I don’t think there was that mode in the first one, at least not that I can remember :thinking:


There was a starfighter only mode, but there was no space combat until the death star dlc.


OK so I’ve tweaked my settings and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with how the starfighters react in that mode now. I basically want the ship to always be turning to keep up with my aiming cursor so that it feels like the old days so am getting closer to that and it feels more natural.

Where the friggin’ radar at though? So hard to understand what the hell is going on in space.


I finally decided to buy the game sooner than I tough this weekend since he wasn’t expensive at my store.
And I wanted to give the game a chance.
So here is my opinion (I don’t know how many time I played it) :

The solo is great, it was really interesting and complete gameplay-wise, Iden and her teammates are interesting, I like the fact we met and played with a lot of famous characters. It wasn’t THAT short (I played in the highest difficulty) about 8 hours I would’ve said. We get a lot of credits from it (5000+ 500 for each missions), you also unlock some specific crates for heroes.

The arcade mode is fun, but the daily limit is kinda sad, so I play it regularly instead of only playing that.
I don’t fully know how the reward works, I get 100 credits by finishing a level 1 mission so maybe you get more credits with a higher difficulty. Each mission length max 3 minutes.
I also find sad that we cannot play with a friend online on this mode.

Now on the multiplayer, it has a few modes that are very interesting (I played 3 of the 5 gamemodes).
There is the galactic assault that bring a lot of various objectives with a lot of players, the maps are big enough so we don’t get to be at +8 people at the same point. I find this mode very fun, it have a lot of variations, and even if there is a lot of people the teamplay remain present when you play with your squad, I like this a lot.

HeroesVSVilain is so much better than the old version. There is no rounds. When the round begin, the game assign a player that you must kill, and another one that you must protect (in your team). Each team must kill 10 differents targets. (The targets are shared between you teammates)
This mode is really fun, teamplay is required, no way to heal ourselves (except if you’re a target). Plus we finally get to see more than 1 jedi/sith per game and this is great ^^

Strike mode also is objective based, but with smaller teams and no heroes. The objective are less various than with the galactic assault, but they are fine. I surprisingly enjoyed this gamemode less than the galactic assault (I often rathered played on a small team), since the team work is way less fun than with the other modes, mostly because people don’t play a lot the objective here.

So the game is fun.

I finally get to the point that interest a lot of people, the lootboxes and heroes.

Trough this week end, I’ve been able to buy Vador and Luke (worth 15000 each), a lootbox, a card that interest me for a class I play.
You unlock guns by playing (literally doing kills with any weapon, for each class).
In my lootbox there wasn’t anything interesting so I will keep saving my credits for when I feel to buy something. Because I don’t feel like I need them.

Trough the week-end I played a lot of games, I always was at least with an above-average score (if I was not at the highest ranks). I have been killed a lot of times. But I didn’t feel bad because of any special card, it often was my mistake. Plus in galactic assault, you really feel your impact is way less important than any other gamemode, I always played with my team to find differents ways to the objective, and it didn’t matter which card we had. And I often won, I’d say I won 70% of my game this weekend.
So right now I will just save my credits for heroes (and I will probably won’t buy any heroes that don’t interest me until I see the price of the DLC heroes). And I’ll see if I get bored enough to buy lootbox.

Edit : I forgot to say that even if there is a lot of different cards, there is a lot that don’t interest me (and thus I won’t invest in them), making the grinding way less difficult than it is supposed to.


I think arcade is 100credits no matter what you play.

I agree about the campaign too, about 8 hours on the hardest difficulty for me too.


Thanks for the merge here, I didn’t even know there was another topic ^^

Oh I forgot to mention the starfighter mode, I didn’t play it, but I still played a lot in various spaceship trough the campaign, and it is way better than the old one. You control way more easily your spaceship, destroying enemy spaceship isn’t that easy than with the previous game so I like that too. I love the feeling too.


Game is only a week old and the lack of people playing the objective already has me getting twitchy.


This game seems to encourage hiding, and slow pushes forward, it’s really hard to get your whole team to rush at once, and if you try to push by yourself you’ll just get killed instantly. It’s a weird pace compared to other shooters and it seems to be giving people issues. Smart usage of cover + solid teamplay is the only way to take most of the objectives, and the second one of those things is hard to find with randoms online…


I was talking more about the star fighter mode! Very little excuse to not be attacking the objective. I respect people want to just dog fight, but the dogfighting can go on longer if people hit the objectives!


Finally getting into the swing of starfighter mode now, it’s definitely going to be the thing that keeps me interested assuming the the game doesn’t curl up.


Everytime I see the ‘star fighting’ in these 2 Battlefronts it always makes me want to play the old X-Wing & Tie Fighter simulators from ages ago. That or Wing Commander 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


The whole x-wing series is cheap on steam. Was just playing tie-fighter yesterday.


Ya they are classic, though they really struggle without a good joystick.


Yeah, it’s the reason I’m playing it, get some of that old tie fighter feel back. It’s not quite there, but it’s close enough.


Do they let you re balance shields I.E. Forward, Aft, Stern, Port? Or is it just shield + hp? Also, are tie fighters popcorn vessels or do they have inflated HP for gameplay balance?