Star wars battlefront cloud city details


the new heros are

Lando :slight_smile:

who is dengar :confused:
along with more weapons and maps


@reactiveisland5 I need help understanding this Dengar character


Isn’t he just a bounty hunter?



Yeah, he’s just a bounty hunter. Nothing really special about him.


so now its rebels vs bounty hunters.
and all those lightsabers though


I only remember the name because of Lego Starwars xD


I’m hyped for Lando but I’m not sure about Dengar


Music form:


lucky thing I have the season pass! I wonder if dengar’s going to have his signature weapon…


would he be the Nien Numb of the imperials and have bombs turrets and so on?


@AlbinoGoliath Dengar was a bounty hunter who was called on by vader to search for the millennium falcon, he commonly utilized the DLT-19 heavy blaster and he used a jumpmaster 5000 that he called the “Punishing one”.


Dengar < Bossk.


they worked together, shaddup >: (


IG-88/Zuckuss >everyone else


idk who any of these bounty hunters are other then boba/jango. does greedo fit into the bounty hunters aswell?


Other than that fact that he’s dead, he was technically a bounty hunter.


Greedo is/was a bounty hunter yes


4-LOM Best Bounty Hunter


I don’t argue with you there.