Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update - Nothing changes with the changes!


I’d personally prefer they weren’t randomised, but from a statistical point of view if they are randomised, then the deviation between an 8 hour a week player and a 40 hour a week player in terms of their difference in progression will be lower than if it wasn’t randomised.

I respect, because I agree, about how it feels… but my overall point remains that it feels worse for hardcore gamers because it is worse for them compared to other games, because it literally hampers their progression ability through that randomisation. These gamers that think they should be able to say “I want to get X” and know they can definitely do it by taking a specific set of steps are completely lost under a system where there is no set of specific steps.

It’s almost like the priority is on just playing and enjoying the game…


It’s almost like they are making a system they know people will want to complete (star cards) purposely slow and frustrating so that people will pay for loot boxes.


Well I don’t know, the original Battlefront didn’t have anything of that and I enjoyed it a lot (especially Galactic Conquest, so so good). Some people just want to play a good match, without any upgrades involved.

It’s also another question of, how many of those people that complain there is nothing to work towards VS those who don’t care.

You can’t please everyone. But their current system is definitely one not many gamers are happy about, which says a lot more on where the majority lies I believe.


Galactic Conquest, such a shame that Dice didn’t bring that back:


So don’t buy them. All this fuss about crippling the game and EA, and the strongest message of all would be to buy the game and then no matter what never buy crystals. It’d show 100% that the development direction of the gameplay is being supported while the economic model is not.

But, of course, there is a deeper reality here and it is that actually gamers that are less outspoken on reddit don’t have a problem with it. They are either happy to pay, or they’re happy to grind, or they don’t care either way and don’t see progression as much of an issue as everyone else does. The fear the reddit gamers have is that if people were asked just to boycott micro-transactions that of course people wouldn’t do it, because it’s not as big a deal as they personally think.

It’s one a particularly aggressive bloc of redditors aren’t happy about. Even the scale of downvotes talked about in that article a few days back makes me question just how large this group really is and how much of it is manufactured in this bot and troll account age of social media. We need to be careful about saying a vocal group of people are the majority.

Edit: Like, I wanted to comment above. People are looking at the EA stock issue as an example of just how powerful or large the voice of gamers are… and they are missing the point. EA could have done nothing and their stock would have stayed the same. Stock only dropped because EA made a change (with an uncertainty about the future monetisation) to the business plan. EA could have changed this because only one person made a complaint, the stock would have dropped then too. Stocks rise and fall on profitability, and their stock was doing just fine until EA turned off the crystals tap. All the other fuss wasn’t budging anything.


But you see

So really, the only solution is to boycott the game. Yet that won’t even do a lot, so really the best thing is to make noise. Governments are looking into lootboxes to see if they are to be considered gambling (not just for Battlefront), that wouldn’t have happened as soon as it did if people never made a noise.


That isn’t a statement saying that they don’t need people to buy Crystals, it’s a reassuring statement to jittery stock holders that all but states they’ll have another route for achieving the profit they planned for in place soon. Actually not buying anything but the base game would have a genuine effect, if it’s what gamers actually wanted to do.

There is making a noise and there is being children throwing toys out of prams. The real problem is loot boxes, the problem these gamers are fighting is their belief that everything that is technically available at release should be theirs without compromise, even if in the modern age of gaming that such content may not have even been there without the microstransaction model’s promise of gaining further income on a game for the developers.

A fuss, an actually ethically focused fuss, about the perils of gambling, and of the confluence of addictiveness of gaming, the economic profiles of certain gamers globally, and peer pressure under such a system, could have been just as damaging. But I don’t feel gamers really care about this angle, so I don’t feel we should applaud them directly for any influence this issue may have had on getting lootboxes onto the radar of lawmakers.


I disagree. While there are defintly gamers like that, a lot of people simply just are against microtransactiosn and the way progression is handled (myself included)

We can have microtransactions, we can have star cards be the form of progression, we have have cosmetics be paid only, but we do not want under any circumstance loot boxes. They are tolerable when it is just cosmetics, but unbearable when it is part of the main form of progression of getting new items or stat boosts.


Fair play, I don’t really have anything to add. I think we’re probably similar in how we view things just disagree in how we think people should go about complaining :stuck_out_tongue:



Well, butter my biscuit.

Washington Post AND Jim Sterling ?


Not sure if this has been said here yet but gaming sins made a valid point, they could just put the microtransactions back in in about a week or so after everyone has bought it and they will have still made their money. This is a problem that needs to be fixed somehow.


The microtransactions were never removed, just the ability to use real money to buy them. The only victory gamers had was stopping people with money purchasing loot boxes.


I’m quite late to the discussion, but I personally would prefer the system you laid out in any game (which is why i enjoy battlefield, because of said system).

“Here is your progression path, all you have to do is continue playing this game and using x or y, and you will eventually reach the end”.

I’m not going to get battlefront, mostly cuz they tanked the first one and i have no faith in this one.

I applaud that gamers have taken up arms vs MT that imbalances the game (which their system is largely in place and functioning to prevent that, but some smart cookies have figured out the logical way around it in order to lord their $$$ over players who don’t use MT)

Basically that even if you utilize MT and their system sorts you, the system in charge of balanced sorting has priority. All you have to do to intentionally ruin the game for others is suck until you’re placed with people who aren’t in the MT system. Like the guy on League of Legends who is undefeated on Master Yi because he keeps his account in the lowest ranked section by intentionally throwing any game he’s not Master Yi, preventing himself from climbing out where he should be ranked.

All in all, i think that a more structured progression system with lower impact MT would be better, but if we got rid of MT completely i wouldn’t shed a tear.



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Never forget


What, no Dungeon Keeper 2 under Bullfrog either?!? Shame :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, this is plain and simply getting stupid.

Is this guy high ? No, this is an honest question, is he ? Stephen King while directing Maximum Overdrive must have smoked less than this guy.

His finest point is that I should be paying 300 dollars over a year (or 60$ entry fee plus 20$ per month for microtransactions) in order to achieve 100% completion of a game or grind my ass off.

I never thought I would say this but this guy basically said it for me. Making a game doesn’t make you a gamer.


What does this even mean? Are you insinuating that the development team at EA don’t play video games? And, if so, do you know how absolutely ridiculous that sounds?