Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update - Nothing changes with the changes!



Something positive for a change, guys. You know who made the starfighter gameplay ?

That’s right, the Burnout people !



Besides all the other smelly feces, this was with regards to when this was originally starting to garnish attention and before the 75% reduction costs etc… They mentioned that duplicates will give out crafting parts so that you can craft new cards that you don’t have. So this way it isn’t gone to waste. However, it turns out there isn’t crafting parts given anymore and it’s just straight currency to further fuel the loot crate shopping spree.

This was the official statement.




Oh, wasn’t sure exactly on what you meant. Thanks.



I love how they word it as if it’s the gamer’s fault for questioning their approach and being vocal.
Why otherwise would they put

“This was never our intention. Sorry we didn’t get this right”

in bold yellow.

I agree with @BearStream, although I do believe that it will more than likely be a coverup until they established a big enough playerbase before re-implementing it. After all, it’s not the game sales that makes the biggest money, it’s the microtransactions that comes with it.


If that single phrase it’s taken on it’s own, yeah, it sounds like it. But on the whole, DICE at least seems to acknowledge that they shipped a game in need of some major reworks. Now granted, they shipped it anyway and they had to have a knife at their throat to come out and say it but still.


Remember that there is a bit of a rock and a hard place situation here for Dice. This game will have been sent for certification probably back in what… September? Maybe start of October? This game has been well past the point of any major alterations to shipping or not by the point that people kicked up the largest part of their shit storm.







The problem is these companies are almost forced to insert micro-transactions because, as the data shows, they literally make more money on those then they do the cost of the game. I’m not against micro-transactions generally speaking, but when it’s just so blatant how they are meant to bilk players…again and again…or are NECESSARY to progress in a game realistically, they are complete trash. There are simply enough big fish and youtubers out there spending tons of money on these things to always make it worth it for the publisher. The trouble lies when all they see of their customers are dollar signs, and seek ever more and more until they kill their golden goose. A well done system is one in which the fans will WANT to take part in if they like the product, want to support the devs, and also the publisher too.

Sadly, good games die young nowadays (as we are all painfully aware) due to the practices of increasingly overly-greedy publishers. I mean micro-trans are fine, but when you twist it into something like a casino where the house is always going to win, it’s rigged to encourage more and more spending, and your main audience…you know, the little guy that merely bought your game (the audacity of that pee-on!) for $60 and can’t afford to spend more but simply wants to just enjoy your game…and you treat them like dirt in favor of the very few cash cows you tailor the loot crate system to…you will basically kill your game. The gamers have a right to take a stand, but more people need to NOT endorse the system because right now, at least with certain companies (not mentioning any names but one does come to mind besides EA), they literally make more money on micro-trans than the game itself as a AAA title. Can you blame them for wanting to see just how far they can push the envelope? They keep on doing so to find the fine line of where gamers will snap and refuse to pay, then dial back just a little…and then THAT sweet spot becomes the norm. I think this is basically why AAA titles usually sell for $60 but not more, up front. I’m not saying that it doesn’t cost publishers to make games and pay the devs and such…there are expenses of course, and big ones, but the profits they take in from this stuff is INSANE. All one needs to do is see the commercials for IOS games on TV to see that.


This is what 100$ could get you if you had spend it on the loot box crates in BFII:



Why you gotta bring up old wounds? :cry:



Ugh, I’m getting bored of this view on the game. Loot boxes are a terrible delivery system but most, the vast majority, of this game is unlocked from the get go. Class and character progression is basically what you expect from all games these days, just behind said loot box mechanic. Some heroes that you will rarely (in game play time) use are locked but since changes just before launch are easily unlockable since they are not loot box based, and credit gifting in the first 20 hours, especially if you do the campaign, isn’t stingy.

Honestly, I understand some concerns, but gamers need to grow up and stop making this game sound like it requires you to bleed yourself dry of money or time to play it. You do not.


It’s not just about the game anymore.
This is a statement towards the gaming industry. The bigger the noise, the more stock EA loses, and the more the community makes EA do, the more the rest of the industry must look towards BF2 to see what not to do.
This is not the worst (although quite bad) system used by a game, but it is now become the boiling point. A game made by one of the most hatedgaming companies (EA), using one of the most hated systems (real money lootboxes with actual content in it and not just cosmetics), using one of the most beloved franchises (Star Wars), after years of dealing with increasing amount of lootboxes (Shadow of War, Overwatch, CoD, Battlefield, not all of these have paid lootboxes but they still have some form of them), and that is too much.
Tl;Dr, it isn’t just about Battlefront 2 anymore. It is not just the vessel of which the gaming community is showing the industry enough is enough. Battlefront 2 is simply the sacrifice being used (for better or worse).


But what message are gamers sending, really? “Hey you have a big budget game that is essentially entirely unlocked but has one shitty game economy choice so we want to burn you to the ground?”

I’m sorry but that route doesn’t lead us to a better future.