Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update - Nothing changes with the changes!


I also think people have either missed or ignored that @Eos2014 has said that skill enhancing items are taken in to account in match making. That is a big deal and certainly makes me happier about the situation.

And I’m also happy with people being able to purchase their way to enhancements as well as grind. Evolve had issues thanks to masteries and a route for people to buy their way to the same enhancements as other players would have been great (even if people would, wrongly on my opinion, argue against it)

We have to remember, pay to win doesn’t fit if there is another way to gain the same advantage, even if it takes longer. In a system where people will achieve enhancements at different rates, we have to accept some people will be ahead, there is no shame in some people doing that by paying instead of intensive grinding / farming.


I understand your first point, but they stated that the matchmaking was gonna make the games balanced around your level (and your cards). I don’t know if it works but it’s still look fine on this side. Plus the last SW games are way more casual friendly than R6 and Overwatch, there is a lot of people each game (except on HvsV) and it seems quite difficult to make the difference alone.

I completely agree with your second point, this is much more important than most of what people complain since most of complainers aren’t like “us”, they won’t follow every news about this game and be aware of this system. But it will not make me avoid this game if he is good. I think that it is always the customer fault for not being aware of what they buy. Unless it’s something that has been hide. (Which is clearly not right now ^^).

Because it seems quite difficult for SW in my opinion if you want to respect the universe. Just look at the previous SW with the stormtroopers without helmet.

I’m not sure for this, we don’t know how they made the game and I’m sure Ubisoft and Blizzard had toughs on how they will implement the economic model on their game. They did it better I agree. But I don’t think Dice made the game always thinking about “how will we win money”.

I don’t think it is what it is.I guess we won’t know until the game has evolved a little, but I really don’t think the impact is that huge if the matchmaking is done right.

This is what is the most scary right now. Just look at Evolve, now TRS will have to live with the old opinions from it, while 2K just keep going like nothing happened.

@garratose They made the reward of the campaing just so you could unlock Iden.

Well @niaccurshi you just give answered while I was answering, thank you for pointing that out :


Oh no no.

I don’t believe Dice are to blame for this, not by a longshot. The economic systems appearing in all of EA’s as of late are similar and their games come from different studios which “happen” to be under the same publisher.

About the matchmaking, I’ll believe it when I see it.


I still don’t quite see the evidence that game play is built around the economic model rather than the economic model being one that is honed to seamlessly slot in with online multiplayer style games


Here I found where they talk about the matchmaking :

“In terms of your inventory, that is also calculated into the matchmaking system so right now you’ve played on the one server in the world that is active, when it launches we’ll have more than one, how we matchmake people will be based on the rarity of the cards you’re using, but also your skill and also time spent. So when you finally get to play with rare and epic cards you will be facing people that are also at that level, but when you have common cards, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever find someone [of a higher level]”


Well, for one, they stop you from playing too much Arcade mode and earning in game currency by putting a cap in how much crystals you can earn in Arcade in a certain period of time.

When it comes to the cards, your level and progression is predetermined by how many cards you own, not how much XP you have amassed like usual. And while the most powerful cards were taken out of the loot boxes, the fact that you have to own the previous ones to get them is shady to say the least. Not to mention that the rewards for completing the campaign and perhaps by extention, completing MP objectives, got cut down by 75%.


I agree with this too, it feel a little cheap. But maybe it’s because it’s too easy to win a lot of credits in there ?

Did it change since the open beta ? Because before I was able to level up in my class even if I had other cards for other classes.

Well it limit you to increase your level too quickly, and it would be annoying to have everything you want in less than 20 hours. Plus, this will avoid you to play with real good players because you were just lucky to find a good card, you’ll have to fight for it.

We don’t know. But there is high likely “theory” that this has been made to match with Iden’s cost.
Previously she cost 20 000. You won 20 000 credits before you finished the story. Surprisingly enough she cost now 5 000…and we win 5 000 for finishing the campaign.


Well, they don’t stop you from playing as far as I’m aware, they cap how much you can earn. Evolve did the same thing didn’t it? No company is going to give people an easily exploitable route to in game currency, I think the arcade restriction on credits is more than fair.


It will take 4,528 hours of gameplay (or $2100) to unlock all base-game content in star Wars: Battlefront 2


I remember when someone made a similar claim about Evolve, that was way off base. The link seems to be down, no doubt slashdotted, but I’m going to take that claim with a pinch of salt for now, either in its accuracy or its real world relevance.


The link doesnt make sense or I don’t understand half of it.

On his first paragraph he assumed 6 times.
I tried to check some figures.

First the credits/hour.
He say 1100/h.
On 2 different websites I see 25,04c/minutes=1502.4

One important figure that already seem wrong.

I also wonder how he know the axact number of lootbox in order to have all cards since it’s based on luck.
And how does he know that you will have level 1 cards 55% of the time ?

There is a lot of figures here and a lot cannot be found easily.
If he does all of his calculation based on such strong assumption then I’m sorry but it’s meaningless.


OK the link is back up. Yep, lots of assumptions that I can’t find any basis for. Also, 14 infantry heroes? I only see 11? I’m really confused about the numbers here.

Edit: It seems the game website isn’t complete in terms of available heroes!


My thoughts are that even if the matchmaking was 100% accurate about matching skills & level items, who cares? The idea is that this garbage is still in the game. This is the problem with gamers imo. ‘Oh it doesn’t effect me’. Yes, but it effects someone regardless. The fact that they claim to fix things and make it worst only solidifies that their reasoning is just to milk people for their money. They reduced the price of heroes, but they also cut the campaign amount by 75% as well. Instead of just giving them the Iden character as a reward (Which is what they hint the credits should be used for) instead it can put them towards buying loot boxes or storing up for someone better. Loot boxes help progress and gear, but then you can’t unlock a hero. Save for a cool hero and you can’t level and progress. It’s shameful.


We never said that. Of course it effect your gameplay. But as long as you play with people that play the “same way” as you then it’s not that “garbage”. We clearly can’t say it will feel like those shitty mobiles games.

Where ? How did they make it worst by lowering the cost of heroes ?

Then it’s only complain for the sake of it. We give the liberty to use them the way you want and it’s bad ?? If you are not interested in Iden you may would have liked to use those credits elsewhere. If they forced you to have Iden there would be people complaining “look how we don’t even any choice !”.

It changed. In less than 10 hours, I saw someone having Luke, Vader and Sidious. Around 3 hours par heroe isn’t unfair. If you want everything without having done anything it’s just sad.


I don’t know. Am I spoiled for believing that Iden should be given to the players instead of getting creds or whatever to buy her ? She was created specifically for the game. Besides, smart players won’t pick her to spend their currency on, they will pick cards in order to get more mileage out of them or some hero they actually recognise…


I’m not talking about you specifically, but collectively as a whole in the gaming community. But to your credit yes, at least 1 person in this thread is ‘ok’ with these changes and way they are handling it.

Because they lowered the campaign amount by 75% as well. Regardless of them ‘trying’ to make things better it was never the fact that it took 40 or 100 or 10 hours to unlock something, it was the fact that they were locked anyway.

Yes, give a gambler a present of money inside of a gift box that looks like a slot machine inside a casino and surely they’ll spend it on the buffet and not on gambling loot boxes… I mean slot machines.

Really? Since when are gamers ok with locked content in a MP title period. Why is it such a difficult thing to ask people to pay $60 bucks on a game and have access to what they want? Why does it even NEED to be unlocked? As for DLC, sure. But this is the base freaking game.

You are clearly ok with the practices of the game, I am not. As such, you won’t change my mind, and I won’t change yours. It’s best to leave it at that.


Yeah people totally complained in Battlefield 4 that they wanted to unlock any weapon from the campaign, not just the M249 and P90.
Unlocking a character for a campaign wouldn’t have the effect you are saying it would. If the campaign never rewarded credits and only Iden, then everyone would just accept that’s how you unlock her.



This was in Evolve you know.


I think this is important context. People can talk about unlocking “all the content in the game”, which seem to largely mean equipment and enhancements rather than actual characters/vehicles, but it is only a very hardcore minority who are going to want to from the outset max out everything for all modes.

We saw this with Evolve too, some people seem to think you should just “get stuff” (which I am pretty sure you do for completing challenges in this game? I’m going on what I’m reading so far so welcome being corrected), while others would definitely complain if they were given something when they’d rather spend their worth somewhere else. For me personally I can’t see any negative to offering an Iden’s worth of credits as it gives complete choice to the consumer!

People would almost certainly just accept it, but it wouldn’t be the most fair way. The current implementation within the confines of characters being locked is absolutely the fairest.

My understanding, again could be wrong, is that the rates of credits rewards for MP games haven’t changed. The campaign rewards were lowered to keep parity, but the overall effect is that heroes are now going to be significantly easier to attain through normal online play.

Yep, regardless of any other discussion about the best or worst way to do things within the system that this game has adopted, the whole loot crate thing is a horrible method and direct purchase of what you actually want should be the only way that games operate for any locked content (regardless of if it’s base content or not, that’s a different issue…)

I mean, since the dawn of time really? :stuck_out_tongue: There have been games where you can’t do “insane” mode until you complete hard going back to the dawn of PC games. You can go back to some of the original fighter games which were the first “MP titles” which didn’t let you play all the characters until you’d played enough. I am with you in that I’d personally much rather that “base” content is just unlocked, but I think that the term “base content” is loaded and potentially ignores the realities of how games are budgeted for anyway. I feel that in the case of this game the true base content is everything about the game that isn’t the heroes (considering that you essentially get one Iden level hero for free for completing the base content of the campaign)

I guess games originally locked things because of all those people that think that progression is either important for continued play, or perhaps as an alternate view think that more complex or hard to master characters need to only be available after you’ve got the grasyp of the basics.

With this game, I think as I said elsewhere I’m a little torn. Sure, the content in the “base game” is physically there at launch, and the argument is that it’s been created so it should be available. I understand that argument, it initially makes sense…

But what if content is created knowing that the budget only works if some portion of people then pay for it? We get in to thise weird situation of no winning answer where you either do this packing the game with content for launch but lock it up because the business model relies on it being treated as pre-created DLC, or you launch a game with a true level of “This was part of the launch budget” content and risk facing the accusation that you’ve cut content from the game to sell as DLC, or that your game is too thin on content to be played.

I actually think that if what’s happening here is that the business model is saying that we’ve invested a bunch of development time here on the pretence that we’re going to get in game sales to pay for it, as opposed to DLC packages later piece by piece that people have to pay to play with, then that’s much better for the game and for participation in the game.

I think that as gamers its easy to still think of content in terms of the console days, but it’s clear that we’re moving in to a world where developers are offering content with the intent that people will enjoy it and buy more in to their ongoing support and development. F2P proved the model, and I honestly think that games like this are showing that for AAA games the model is essentially going to have to be the same, but with an upfront cost to cover the sheer size of the budget that goes with creating such a game. Maybe the upfront cost will disappear in the future, but I am not so sure given how much more that would require gamers to buy in to the content provided to turn a profit.