Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update - Nothing changes with the changes!


I was just reading this. First week sales being 61% lower than the first EA Battlefront, underwhelming Black Friday sales numbers, 8.5% drop in EA’s stock value, and still no real answer to how they will add microtransactions back in.

This is hitting them fairly hard.


My guess on this is that they didn’t plan on the backlash to be this huge. By the way the game is presented, it looks like it was built for longevity but not in a correct way. For example, the fundamental flaw of the game for me is that if the reddits are to be believed, people have started using rubber bands to farm credits. They simply tie them around the analog sticks and let their character walk around so as not to get kicked.

Makes sense since the game doesn’t dispense rewards according to skill. Why should I be getting the same credits as someone on the bottom of the leaderboard ? Not only that, the ones of the bottom lack incentive to get better.

Imagine if something like this happened in Titanfall 2’s Frontier Defense or Attrition modes. There is no clear winner at the end of a match if everyone is rewarded the same. I busted my ass getting 3 titans and protecting the harvester, why should the worst player be rewarded the same as me ? I fail to see logic here, since does progression mean the same thing for a good player and a worse than average player ?

I am not saying that the newbies won’t have to be rewarded for their time. They absolutely have to be. They need that validation that they contributed to the overall result reflected as something they can see and use later on in the game. And I am not suggesting that progression should be tied to things like killstreaks (awesome as they are, they tend to power the already powerful ones) but . . . I killed close to 30 people in a match. Not because of loot boxes, not because of killstreaks but because I am good at the game. Why should I get the same XP as someone who killed 5 ?

If longevity is not built around a skill ceiling like Battlefield or Rocket League or Titanfall 2 but rather around economic advantages, then the game won’t get my money and that’s it.

I do agree that the message of the majority might as well be what you detailed in the last paragraph though and that truly is a pity. I am hopeful though that the correct message will get through to devs not run by shareholders cause that’s the root of the problem as far as I am concerned.


Oh well who cares.EA got screwed.Thats enough reason to be happy.


Yes it does. Time is just more important.


At first, when reading ‘EA blames canon for mtx’ I thought ‘wait, a company called Canon was responsible for the loot boxes ? Who are they ?’

Nope. They are actually blaming Star Wars’ canon.




I appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion and I respect it, but

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The original set the standard. No dlc, no grinding, just hours of fun. From clone wars era to the Empire this game had it all.


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THIS set the standard. I went with the dlc plan of evolve because it was a new concept, a new beast of its own that was shut down hard because of hard pings from YouTube reviewers like angryjoe. That being said, the devs took the time to listen to the community and dud their best to sculpt Evolve into a game that would appease everybody, there was actual tangible effort. I ended up buying five copies of evolve, and guess what, I was GIVEN the hunting season 2 pass by a moderator here. Evolve made me feel appreciated for my time and effort, but EA went way too far and I will agree that their microtransaction plan was indeed, predatory. I don’t want to pay for stupid lootboxes that might yield repetitive results or in game currency. DLC/microtransactions should be aesthetics, campaign expansion packs, heck I don’t even mind it for unlocking characters, but you start off the game and the most basic of heroes are already locked behind a broken grind system.
When it comes to heroes, make them unique characters, the star wars universe is rich with heroes and villains, for example have an old republic dlc hero and villain pack, THAT I would put my money into. It would be fresh content, and something never seen before even on the original star wars battle front game so it would attract a lot of fans to see that.

I believe EA took a well deserved hit. This isn’t about being profitable, the game already cost a ton to buy initially, limit the microtransactions to either a complete edition or standard with the option to buy an expansion later. Too easy in my opinion. The game might look graphically sexy, and the gunplay might be fun, but the way the microtransactions and grinding system was handled was indeed predatory, and we can see that in that nice stock market crash for EA that the world agrees with that analysis


Time to chime in finally on the stock market thing, since it is constantly shared. Stock prices have nothing to do with what is right or wrong, or what the public sees as unacceptable. The stock price only changed initially because EA canceled the only way for people to pay, and this worried investors that are there to make money from EA’s profits. The stock price has further slid because of this situation and the now uncertain status of previously forecast profitability.

If EA turn back on the ability to buy crystals, with a new MTX plan, and financial analysis that settles (and for EA ideally excites) shareholders and investors, their stock price will rise again.


Well, here is one thing I’ll add, if they fix the system properly, I will definitely check out playing this game simply because I love star wars. But dang their stocks tanked hard ( might be a good time to buy a couple?)

Thank you for clarifying the relation between stock prices and what’s right and wrong by the way. :slight_smile:


I bought the game because I don’t think that the idea of the game, nor the developers of the game, deserve failure. It should be more than clear now that I don’t think that what would only ever be the destruction of an otherwise good game developer is the way we should be pushing this (EA will continue with the license, they’ll make more games, the only ones to suffer will be the gamers that want to play the brand and the developers).

But I also decided I wasn’t going to buy any lootboxes, just as I refuse to buy them in Overwatch or any other game.

People need to do what they feel comfortable with, but ironically the existence of a base price and a MTX model means that gamers have a real opportunity to send a message with clear boundaries… yes to the game, no to the looboxes. Right now the only message being sent for sure is “No to the game”, and that will unfortunately, I feel, let EA weasel out of things somewhat, even if the prominent message(s) are hard to ignore.


Okay but this is the real question that need be asked.


Interesting tidbit/question. BF cost EA 3 billion. How much did Disney buy Lucasfilm for ?


4.05 billion, half cash and half stock value, according to Google.


It’s a paper loss. It looks bad to shareholders, they won’t be happy about it, but it’s not like $3 billion just left their bank account. Only really matters if you sell your shares to someone else. Then your loss is realized.


Too bad I didn’t buy a lot of put options on their stock before this :stuck_out_tongue:


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I dunno, I personally would like to keep the non general gameplay and specifically the actions of EA out of the general Starwars 2 Battlefront topic.


The best part of the game was Galactic Conquest. Which is a mode they didn’t bring back in neither of the newer games, which is such a shame.

That mode alone would have made the game worth buying, heck I spend nothing but my time playing that mode against bots and enjoyed the heck of it.

The best part was the space battles. I would often take a spaceship, go to the opposing battleship, jump out of my ship and proceed to destroy the power generators from the inside.

This is what I mean:

I think I’m gonna buy the old battlefront from steam when it is on sale. Nostalgia.


I saw this picture from a black Friday article.

Never mind that Black Friday is silly and I want nothing more than to hermit myself that day, but this is fairly funny. (The game at the bottom is just a crappy Sonic release :stuck_out_tongue: )


These AFK farmers … look at them dancing