Standing on a rock wall


So this is just a suggestion that will make the rockwall a bit more effective.

Since hunters can just climb up and stand ontop of the rock wall why should’nt the behemoth do the same? or the other way around if he cant why should they?

i think it will be better that its a rock wall and not a rock advantage point :smile:
i know you can tongue grab or fissure but they can evade that aswell or simply you are stage one and you cant


Weight of the Behemoth vs weight of a few hunters, I think the wall would crumble.


Also why would the Behemoth want to sit on the wall? It doesn’t last that long, and you’re an easy target up there; since you’re leaving your weak spot open.


i’v had lots of time where i got 1 or 2 guys left after i put up a rock wall to eat they’re mate’s corpses and i wanna tongue grab one before he jetpacks away from the reach