Standing above the map

Type (ie. Gameplay, UI): gameplay
Character: Wraith
Map/Map Location: weather control
Game Mode: Hunt
Platform: PC

Can you tell us the steps to reproduce the issue or what you were doing when the issue occurred?
No idea

Any additional information (pictures, videos, errors codes, etc) to help reproduce or locate the problem?
Kala somehow place teleport above the map and everyone teleported there so I had no chance to win

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I know this is off topic, but what skin is that??

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Correct me if I’m wrong but that looks like they are standing on a rock?

Looks like the Jellyfish skin.

Interesting bug. I wonder if a latency issue on their end caused it.

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Did you try abducting them down? I bet it has something to do with lag. Deployables + cliffs get WEIRD when the game is laggy.

Game wasn’t laggy at all, everyone had perfect ping. I tried abduckting them but there is an invisible wall which I cant go through

There are some glitches where if you throw a deployable at the side of a cliff it’ll appear at the top. Maybe that’s what happened?

I suspect hackers in this instance. That spot at the top of the cliff is buildable, but shouldn’t normally be accessible. Note how the entire party has those rectangles for names. That is a good indication.

That’s indication of them using characters in their name not supported by Evolve. It has very little correlation to hacking.

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It might have very little correlation but considering you’re allowed to change your name smart hackers might do it intentionally to make it more difficult to track them.

Not like it matters to hackers on an f2p anyway.

Rectangle name means the game not able to read them, they are either in Chinese word or something. It’s the game itself at fault at this point, as much as I hate them when I saw a team have the exact number of rectangle on all 4 hunters, they don’t deserve to be called hackers right from the get go.

Just a quick reminder, we don’t allow naming and shaming on the forum so I’ve removed the steam id’s of the suspected hackers. I’ll also remove the picture in the op as it has the names of 2 team members involved. Feel free to repost the picture but with the names covered over.

This glitch is in here since Legacy and is easy af to reproduce and has nothing to do with hacking or using Dropship glitch.