Stage3 Podcast - Episode 1 discussion


So, I’m halfway through the recording of @BlackAegis’s Stage3 podcast from yesterday (at ~47 minutes) and am kinda mind blown to hear that apparently @GentlemanSquirl and Guidance of DTR aren’t allowed to participate in the esl anymore due to complaints of other teams? As it was somewhat vague as to why exactly they would suddenly be banned from the esl I’d really like to hear more about why the esl admins actually chose to revoke the permission they obviously had for the first 6? ESL cups?

Sad days… and probably will take a long time to see another good and competitive Abe again.

Oh yeah, awesome podcast btw :thumbsup:


Haha im watching it right now.I’m also halfway.And yeah i was pretty sure that would happen once they play against a salty team.I guess ESL rules doesn’t allow developers playing.But until now no1 has complained.So i guess someone got salty and did complain


Well it does state there are exceptions in the global esl rules #5.

5 Participation in prize tournaments

Unless otherwise explicitly permitted, it is not allowed for employees of Turtle Entertainment, its subsidiaries or partners, or employees that are in some way connected to a respective tournament including sponsors, publishers or game developers, to participate in prize winning tournaments or qualification for prize winning tournaments.

Prize winning means any tournaments with physical (e.g. hardware) or money prizes. Tournaments with only virtual ESL awards, such as ESL Premium or awards are exempt.

I mean honestly, what inherent advantage does being a character artist give you in playing the game? I don’t have any experience with esl administration, hence why I can’t see that alone as a valid reason for these restrictions. If it actually is the only reason and the esl policy is giving in that easily to the slightest whims of teams that is really disappointing and even more so frustrating that the still rather small competitive Evolve scene already got their fair share of salty douchebags.


Just started watching now. This is absolutely absurd. What difference does it make? Are they concerned that squirrel has been playing the game for so long that they believe he has an unfair advantage? The top players do not need long to know how to play this game at a high level and you only have to watch some ESL games to see this. It’s as if they’re trying to hurt the scene which is in its infancy and not exactly huge as it is.

It’s so important to look after a game that doesn’t have a ridiculously huge following like dota rather than being petty and damaging the game you supposedly love. I would love to hear from anyone who thinks this is a good idea.


Wow, not letting devs play? That’s just…Seriously?


How ridiculous…


I wasn’t aware that rule was added. I remember back when Squirrel first started competing I looked over the rules to see if it was allowed and I didn’t see any mention of it at the time. (I might have just missed it?)

In any case, better things have come from all this and I’m really looking forward to new developments in the competitive scene in the future. Stay tuned! :smile:


It’s in the global esl rules, not Evolve specific.

And let’s hope so! I’d totally try to get a team together for a gentlemans league.



it’s utterly ludicrous that they were banned plain and simple, no possible good can come from that.


Was DTR That good? this sucks for them.


they were decent from what i’ve heard(only saw them once against a famous goliath player*). though it didnt even matter as they even said that they would give the prize money to charity if they happened to win.

*not sure if i’m allowed to mention gamertags on here


Wow, they really need to have some workaround, especially considering they aren’t even claiming the prize money.