Stage2: some bugs that came to my attention



Hi just want to notify about a few things I noticed in my recent plays today :slight_smile:

1.) button at bottom of main menu (patch notes) are completely blank
2.) had some issues with alt tabbing while waiting for friends where game went black - I could however still hear the sounds when hovering over menu items and clicking them - also this seems to throw the game into borderless window mode as I can cross both my screens nothing (changed nothing but hasn’t happened again, might have been isolated case)
3.) when a friend of mine was playing elder kraken when he evolved it displayed that he didnt have any ranks in his abilities, he had lightning strike level 3 from level 1 but when evolving could put points in it again - this didn’t happen to me personally so I cannot confirm


On issue 2, have you tried v-syncing to your monitor’s refresh rate? Not exactly a tech whiz here but I think I had the same issue in another game and that fixed my issue somehow


haven’t tried that no, will do when playing again and edit if fixed