Stage Up having too much excess shield?


Hello all, so after having some fun matches today on both sides, I wanted to ask the forums what they thought about the Staging UP shield process. Keep in mind I have been out of the games for a few month so I am not sure if this was added over time, but I have noticed that the monster gains a good amount of shields after his evolution. I noticed that has changed the tides of battle for some of my matches.

I have yet to kill, or be killed after catching the monster evolving. And I mean, Hank is Orbital Dropping and we got assault laying some heavy damage. Monster comes out and proceeds to give out a booty whooping. Even in my perspective I emerge out and have enough shields to fling the Hunters around. Do you guys think this is fine as is? Could be toned down to not have as much excess shields? Or just back to vanilla with none. The game does play significantly different and I love the new pacing. That could be just how it is now but I would love some input or even tips.


Evolving was altered a few patches ago to give the monster somewhere between 20/30% of their armour to them when they successfully evolve.


That is definitely a good chunk to give back. I feel like it could be toned down a bit personally. And that is guaranteed right? like if I have no shields and evolve I get the shields regardless?


Yeah, that’s how it works, IIRC.


It’s a fine amount of shielding. The Hunters shielding is what needs a reduction.


It was added to counter the super cheese hold the dome strat. It honestly might be removed depending on how successful monsters are post evolve.


I hope so. Even if it is just a little. It can go a long way just having that nice cover on release.


I noticed the shielding on Hunters have been very good if it can stay consistent. I feel like as long as the monster can wail on them enough (single targeting) the shields are definitely possible to break through. Does require a lot of commitment.


I would say this is something the Devs will be looking into once the telemetry data starts to settle a bit. Might be too much, but it’s too hard to tell at the moment.

There do seem to be more domes during evolves, so at least in my experience it helps so you don’t start a new fight with nothing after they getcha.


It requires TOO MUCH commitment which is the problem - any Assault with good aim(excluding Blitz “hold LMB and win” Markov) will definitely be your demise while you spend well over a minute trying to lock down and kill their Medic or Support.

Monsters have been getting the short end of the stick for awhile now and Stage 2’s buffs clearly favor the Hunters.


I agree that the shield is a bit too high when evolving.
My opinion is that evolving should be something that the monster will only do when they know they will be safe. A monster that evolves at a terrible time should feel a bit more punished for their bad play.


That’s what I am saying. But the game feels much much quicker than it has and hunters really can catch up into its process. I mentioned that I would get out after being shot at for a few seconds and smack them around like nobodys business because of the safety. Just got out of ANOTHER match and did the same. Not saying full shield loss, maybe a small reduction to at least shave the layer.


Yeah I can see that. There was one comp that had a great heal and shield balance and the assault was just tacking on so much damage. It has been making me start to think of how to play a bit more selectively with the hunters, separation helps a lot with the shielding issue.