Stage points with Goliath?


I would like to know what other people put their ability points in at all 3 stages. My list is:
Stage 1: LS-1 FB-2
Stage 2: LS-3 FB-3
Stage 3: RT-3 LS-3 FB-3

I pick these because I like to be extremely mobile with Goliath. Only time I’m not moving is RT, quick melee, pounce, or snared. But maybe I can try something new. I feel like I’m missing a tactic on the fact that I never use charge.

  • Stage 1

  • Rock Throw

  • Leap Smash

  • Firebreath

  • Stage 2

  • Rock Throw Lvl 2

  • Leap Smash Lvl 2

  • Firebreath Lvl 2

  • Stage 3

  • Rock Throw Lvl 3

  • Leap Smash Lvl 3

  • Firebreath Lvl 3


I do
stage 1: RT-2 FB-1
stage 2: RT-3 LS-2 FB-1
stage 3: RT-3 LS-3 FB-3


I use the following

Typical Loadout
S1- 2 LS, 1 FB
S2 - 3 LS, 2 RT, 1 FB
S3 - 3 LS, 3 RT, 2 FB, 1 Charge

Chase comp loadout
S1 - 1 LS, 1 FB, 1 charge
S2 - 2 LS, 2 RT, 1 FB, 1 charge
S3 - 3 LS, 3 RT, 2 FB, 1 charge

Leap Smash is my favorite ability and I sometimes feel much more comfortable with it than Rock Throw. On my typical loadout, I try to go for a Monster that can afford to fight a bit if I slip up. At Stage 2, I attempt to farm as many strikes as possible and maybe go for a win. If I jump to Stage 3, its because I’m doing insufficiently in Stage 2.

Chase comp loadout is to give me an extra mobility ability boost. Charge + Leap Smash can mean all the difference on the run.


S1 - 1 LS, 1 FB, 1C
S2 - 3 LS, 1 FB, 1C, 1RT or 3 LS, 2 FB, 1C
S3 - 3 LS, 2 FB, 1C, 3RT

Charge isn’t worth more than 1 point and LS is way too inconsistent and slow to be used without lvl 3’s radius.
You can go without RT in S2 for more range on FB so you can deal with deployables and keep some distance to avoid taking too much damage.


Leap Smash is the Master Ability. Sort-of. As long as there aren’t any trees. Or rocks. Or walls. Or matter.


Not only that but sometimes the hitbox seems to lag behind and you won’t even hit a cornered hunter in front of you.

Having a reduced lvl 1 or 2 radius only make it worse.


For some reason I can’t hit a leap smash to save my life unless it’s at 3 points.


People need to stop neglecting Charge entirely.

I used to do it. And I still hate the ability immensely.

But it’s no longer viable to go with Goliath without at least 1 point in Charge. The nerfed damage values when directly upgrading an ability means you need to spread your points out even in skills you don’t care for.

Ask any good Goliath player who frequently plays against expert chase comps and they will all agree that you’re gonna have to learn to use Charge.

Also, (and keep in mind that this will change next patch), the upgrade from 2 points to 3 points is much greater in damage, range, velocity, whatever than 1 point to 2 points.
You need to consider 2 points as sort of a bridge between 1 point and 3 points, not something you should really settle for.
For example, an ability might do 100 damage at 1 point. 110 damage at 2 points. 150 damage at 3 points. This is the case for Rock Throw’s speed, Leap Smash’s radius, Fire Breath’s damage, etc.
Keep as few abilities at 2 points as possible.
Avoid having more than 1 ability that has 2 points in it at any stage as that’s a point perhaps better invested elsewhere like 3 in Rock Throw, 1 in Fire Breath instead of 2-2.


You need to take charge. You’re giving up far too much damage and a decent amount of utility by not taking it. 3-3-3 no charge was the old school build that worked back in the day but that was a long time ago. Times have changed, use charge. Only 1 point mind as right now it’s a complete waste to put more in it. Hopefully this changes in the upcoming patch.


Really with all of the monsters it’s best to have at least 1 point in all of the abilities.
You’re limiting yourself too much if you don’t.
For now.


My most used Goliath builds:

Build 1

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 2

  • Stage 3
    LS: 2

Build 2

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 2

  • Stage 3
    LS: 2

I love charge! :heart: It helps me push around and separate hunters and It’s a quick ability that I can cancel immediately if I need to… but yeah, it’s mostly a utility ability, so I wouldn’t assign it more than one point before stage 3, but in general, charge is quite underrated (at least IMO). I definitely never leave home without it.


I always felt like Charge was necessary to some degree. In the early days I would always take it because I was good enough with it that I just stampeded all over Hunters. As time went on, I still kept it around, if only at Stage 3. Juuuust in case…


I like to spread, so tends to be

Stage 1: FB-1 LS-1 RT-1
Stage 2: FB-1 LS-2 RT-2 Ch-1
Stage 3: FB-1 LS-3 RT-3 Ch-2

I use fire breath as a bit of a utility more than damage so don’t spend more than the point in it, though I know others max it out because it’s got real use as a damaging ability.

Edit: Also I’ll move points to fire breath if they’ve got particularly rangey or Laz-y builds


If you put more than 1 point in Charge, you’re doing it wrong.


My Build is:

Stage 1: 1LS; 1Ch; 1FB
Stage 2: 3LS; 1RT; 1Ch; 1FB (reasoning is simple, 3LS denies any Hunter from escaping your attack which should be immediately following by a RT which a Hunter will have trouble to avoid when close range, traversal to the damaged Hunter and finish with FB and/or Ch)
Stage 3: 3LS; 3RT; 1Ch; 2FB (rock throw just hits that much harder and your fire breath a bit further away with more damage)

Biggest thing a Goliath will face is shielding, so best is always a good spot to engage, perhaps some area where mitigation is possible where you could delay the actual encounter when domed and see if you could split up the team a bit before focusing on one specific.


Stage 1: 2FB 1 Charge
Stage 2: 3RT 2FB 1 Charge
Stage 3: 3RT 3FB 2LS 1 Charge

Damage bonus


The only good Goliath build:

1 Leap 1 Flame 1 Charge

3 Leap 1 Flame 1 Charge 1 Rock or 2 Leap 2 Flame 1 Charge 1 Rock

3 Leap 2 Flame 1 Charge 3 Rock


how would you know its a chase comp?


Just to be clear my setup for Goliath that I will mention is only talking about how they are used for fighting hunters. Because I don’t use flame breath for combat.
Stage 1: 2 Rock, 1 LS- This is good if you are caught in an unexpected dome which happens from time to time. You can do a surprising amount of damage with this setup at Stage 1. As long as you use your heavy attack knockback combined with a Rock Throw to the face and a Leap Smash will make hunters say, “Oh s*** this monster is going to kill me!”

Stage 2: 3 Rock, 3 LS-usually, but I do occasionally put one into charge at stage 2
Stage 3: 3 Rock, 3 LS, and 3 Charge, however I may choose 2 in Charge and one in Flame breath.
That’s my loadout and it always works for me. It has never failed ever. Except when I fail which isn’t often. Muhahaha!
If anyone has any question about my build or how I play I will be here when possible to answer it thanks for reading my post.