Stage One Kraken Butt Kicking


Any one else try fighting a team of hunters using a fully armored stage one Kraken? Surprisingly effective against pubs, especially on maps like Orbital Drill. The idea is to constantly fly in the air, dodging back a forth so its hard for the hunters to shoot you, doing consistent damage with lightning strike, vortex, and banshee mines. If you haven’t tried it, TRY IT and tell me what you think!


This is the strategy all of the whiney Hunters are complaining about. Yet they have no problem with it being pretty much guaranteed success of doming the monster at Stage 1, because it’s just that freakin’ easy to do it with any decent Hunter team. Especially with Sunny and Crow.


I already made a thread about this from the hunter perspective. It makes hunt mode imbalanced, not how it’s supposed to be played. Everyone said my team was bad and dismissed my complaint, btw. Good to see that monster players are also concerned about this.


I hate to admit it, as mainly monster player and Kraken being my favourite :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, if it’s not Caira + Hank - I can totally wreck a team at stage 1 like 90% of the time.

And even if it’s the Caira + Hank combo, one or two people are bound to go down and I escape with little to no health loss and evolve soon after, the game is pretty much won either way.

Add in cooldown reduction buff or 35% damage buff and it feels like you started the game at stage 3.

The recent patch seems to have made it even easier than before, with the changes to how stasis effects works.

I cannot do anything near the stuff with Goliath or Wraith, that I can do with Kraken at stage 1 - the combination of his speed and flying while picking the right area to fight in is just sick :smile:


Put 3 points into aftershock + 15% damage perk

grab whatever armor you can right around spawn and then wait under the dropship

aftershock the bunched up hunters before they have time to react

now the medic has 4 people to heal back up from half health, making for a couple easy knock downs that snowball into a win within the first 2 minutes


a lot pf people still need to eat the damage buff before they do this :wink:


It surprises me how devastating it can be. Me and my buddies will play together. One night we came across a top player on the Xbox leaderboards who used this technique. We tried it ourselves against each other, and we’re surprised how easily each one of us kicked the others butt.

As for me, I enjoy a balanced game. Challenge is fun. But when I did this with the Kraken, I kinda felt bad. It was too easy. I didn’t do it again cause that can’t be fun for others. I’ve played both roles plenty, and I really don’t know how a hunting team could handle that, even while being coordinated.


I’m sure your team was fine. Sometimes techniques like this one work backwards from logic lol :smile:


I can’t blame them though. They SHOULD be fine with dooming the monster at level 1 cause statically and on average, it should be that way. That’s the mechanic. I cannot blame them for being on alert for such a different way to play a monster that works as well as this does, ya know?

While I was playing against my buddies, I tried helping them with ideas on what role (whether it be offensive/defensive) they should play with a different combo of hunters. They didn’t have much luck. They are a competent set of individuals, as many other hunters are, so I can see why people are stricken with disgust for this way of playing the Kraken.


You shouldn’t lose to a stage 1 Kraken against a Hunter team with half a brain. Either way, if it’s going to be that easy to catch it at stage 1, then the monster should have a fighting chance at stage 1.


Yep. 3 banshee is also surprisingly effective if you manage to land your mines back to back. They’re not even really mines. They should be called banshee grenades. xD


Well that’s how I use them that’s the melee Kraken fight style where you don’t put any points in lightning strike at all. I use them as grenades not as a mine. It’s just another playstyle.


It doesn’t have to be easy to catch a monster at stage one. If the monster chooses, he/she can play a difficult chase game. In fact, it is as easy to catch him, or practically any monster, in stage one as it is in two or three respectively. The monster DOES have a fighting chance, hence why they are giving the abilities to attack. Even as a monster, if I get trapped then props to them. Now their reward is to have a opportunity to hurt me.

Now the “half a brain” isn’t very constructive, now is it? Maybe suggest something to those who may need help?


You’re right about that!


It’s rather effective also


The only ability that should be even remotely rocking them at Stage 1 using the flying around avoidance trick is lightning strike, and with all lthe Sunny players it’s very easy to avoid lightning strike if they know what they’re doing.

Aftershock is useless in the air, you can see Vortex coming a mile away from the air, and banshee mines can just be shot because again coming from the air you can see them a mile away. Just not seeing how you can get wiped that easy by a stage 1 Kraken from the air, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen to any decent Hunter team.


I had them try that though! Lol! What it came down to what that jetpack booster would extinguish quickly for them, even with recharge rate. It may have not helped that I anticipated the movement and locations, or simply mislead them to jetpack the wrong individual. They all have faced many Krakens before, and are rather efficient on jetpack management.

Either way, I will hold myself from using this on pubs. It just seems too harsh lol :smile:

Maybe, truly, what it comes down to is adjusting, which I can no more but believe is the truth.