Stage 4 Monster


I couldn’t find any post about this idea, I think it would be a super fun game mode to have to fight a super evolved monster, maybe with a few minions. When a monster reaches stage 3 normally, they have 9 skill points, 3 more skill points at stage 4 would mean a monster with completely maximized abilities. It almost looks like it’s meant to be that way!
Maybe it starts with the monster being confined in a lab, or a crashing transport ship, and the hunters along with a few A.I. soldiers need to try and bring it down, hopefully before it reaches maximum armor.
I know it would be difficult to create a stage 4 model for each monster, but I think it would be so awesome.



Stage 4 monsters will wipe out the human race!

Stage 1: hunters have the advantage.
Stage 2: Monster’s power is equivalent to the hunters.
Stage 3: Monster has the advantage.
Stage 4: Oh god…



The hunters would definitely need some sort of advantage, and the Monster couldn’t start with full armor for sure, but I think it would be a fun boss mode!



Stage 4 vs 6 hunters for balance. Choose your other 2 hunters wisely. Lol

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I always thought it would be so unbalanced with double any class. 2 Lazarus Men running around? Cabot damage amping an orbital strike? Even a stage 4 would melt like butter. :stuck_out_tongue:

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to extra ebon star soilders

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Oh no, there will be no repeat hunters. You want 3 medics that fine, but it better be val, caira and slim lol because your teams gonna need survivability for those maxed skills and 90% chance for the monster to win probability.



I think something like that would be awesome. Maybe multiple colonists, or just great positioning for the hunters. Maybe they have to defend a huge relay and they have many tall platforms to jump between, making it hard for any monster to corner someone. Turrets on the ground floor by the relay(like in Defend), maybe minions helping the monster. I think it would be crazy action.



I still think damage amping an orbits strike would destroy anything, unless the stage 4 had like double the health of a stage 3. But even then 6 hunters, no matter the combo would be crazy. Sunny and Hank together could destroy any one monster. Parnell next to Torvald with Cabot behind them, oh the combos are endless.



Behemoth 2full health bars 1 and half bar of armor

kraken bar and half of health armor equal to stage 3 behemoth

Goliath 1 3/4 health bar 1 1/4 armor

Wraith 1 1/4 bars of health armor equal to stage 2 behemoth



I don’t like the idea of that, since Stage 3 can easily kill a hunter team already…



I’m up for stage 4.



A Stage Four monster with 9 points in the original four abilities, and 3 points in a new ability… that could be fun.



But poor positioning, where hunters are able to dash around tall pillars avoiding the monster easily, and being very spread out, can bring a stage 3 down if there don’t have enough CC. I think if the environment was very hunter favored, and they had a moment to position themselves and plan for the oncoming battle, it could be very feasible. They would probably need a strong hunter buff, similar to turrets or ebonstar soldiers. Maybe an extra strike, but it would be loads of fun.



Cave systems, small passageways, hallways, between 2 cliffs. Monsters have great map placement as well. The maps were designed to have good hunter fighting areas, and good monster fighting areas.

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Yes, I think for fighting a stage 4 the fighting area would need to be extremely hunter favored. Lots of open space with many high platforms to jet pack between, to maintain distance from the monster.





I’m guessing you think its a dumb idea? Lol



What about a game mode where monster starts at stage 4 with full armour, but no food, no armour regen. So it’s a hunter hit and run game, but like defend, give monster a set amount of time till it wins if hunters don’t attack enough. More time can be earned by completing objectives that the monster would have to be defending, like a cluster of eggs (not unlike nest, but more in a defendable area like a cave like generators in defend mode)

Any thoughts?



I’d like to see stage 4 implemented but in a weird way.


As in an alternate way to end a game of hunt. If the monster feeds enough to reach a theoretical stage 4 its an instant win. Like a massive kill streak bonus in other shooters. Granted it would have to be balanced, maybe make the monster have to eat twice as much to level up, or have to eat an objective (barium stockpile, etc) and then evolve that way. Once its done, the monster would be “unstoppable” logically and would end the game.