So I know some people dont want a stage 4. I have a compromise for the people who actually do want it. SO when you reach Stage 3, once you obtain FULL Armor. You have the opportunity to Stage up to 4. Now here comes the high risk part.

  • NO MORE ARMOR AND NO FEEDING WHEN REACH STAGE 4. You get a some health back and thats it
  • NO relay win, this forces a fight which I kinda like :smile:
  • This is for people who know/think that they can win with just their health.
  • The game timer counts down from 3 minutes until 1st fight begins at Stage 4
  • 5% less damage and Range


  • Plus +25 ADDITIONAL points to your rank, since your so good if you win.
  • 10% increase to whatever mastery you accomplished to get during that match only
  • Extra Exp.
  • After 25 WINS with Stage 4, you get a REALLY NICE SKIN.
  • When Stage 4 occurs, the only animation is that their is a ring/halo above monster head. Goliath is a dark rock halo, Kraken is an electric halo, Wraith is and White Halo, Behemoth is a fiery halo.


Trying to encourage more fights to happen :smile: When Stage 3 occurs, with hunters having strikes, I dont want them to give up

How much health would you get back precisely? Like what do you think would be a fair amount?

Is this reduction in power to help compensate for the high reward?

I think Goliath should get the fiery Halo and Behemoth should get the rocky Halo. Just sayin :slight_smile:


Hey! Answer my questions man!!! XD

Maybe it’s not necessary to use ALL of these handicaps, but with just the right mix, I think this craziness just might work…

Ok sorry, hahaha

Health is 2 full bars, if happened to be maxed out, give one additional bar.

The range and damage reduction is for both, reward, and to help the hunters since they can get easily defeated if they have strikes. More than always they will have strikes by Stage 3

I actually wrote that too but second guessed myself and changed it.

This needs to be encouraged? As far as I was aware everyone wants to fight at S3…

^ hunters perspective… they want monster dead but when Stage 3 occurs and everyone has strikes, whats the point. You will get SMASHED

To defend the relay from the monster?

Actually, if part of the detriment of stage 4 is that there IS no relay win, this would encourage hunter teams to kite the monster forever and snipe the crap out of it while evading combat as much as possible.

Your idea would decentivize fighting, contrary to your claim.

I was thinking about his too, my idea was that at level 3 the monster could evolve once to bring it back to full health, but remove 8ts ability to produce armor, the only handicap being that normal meats could not give you this ability, it would take about 10 meats from elite wildlife, hunters or minions (which i believe should be made edible in defend and nest)

evading combat? I dont understand… If monster evades, fight at stage 4, he loses because of a 3 minute countdown timer…

So when the monster reaches Stage 4, the game timer goes from being an automatic monster defeat, to being an automatic hunter defeat?

Regardless, if the monster is kept in combat by the hunters sniping at it within 60m, the timer would pause at 2 minutes.

I feel like there would be potential for abuse if the monster HAD to track down and kill all of the hunters, assuming the drop ship still worked, the hunters could play hide-and-go-seek and drag the match out forever while tickling down the monster’s health with permanent damage since they can never get armor.

No no no automatic hunter defeat… let me rephrase this. so at stage 3, a monster has its choice to either go for the relay win, or kill hunters. Now, if there is a stage 4, the monster has only one choice, fight the hunters. There is absolutely no point in running away from a fight because the timer will run out leaving the monster lost. So basically when the first engagement starts, thats when the 3:00 minute timer strts and doesnt stop. This is the risk factor. The monster has to fight and its quite hard for the hunters to ignore

I don’t really understand my self what you want. The reason for the relay is to force a fight to happen. I also don’t know many teams that give up just because of a stage 3 fight. To be honest depending on the map, and how good the hunters are. it may end up being a better fight for the hunters at the relay. Really the only map I hate as hunters for relay fight, is Broken Hill mine.

And when monster hits stage 4 a ebon star ally drops to help cause that would be OP lol

I’d rather see them change the current staging process, silght reduction in the amount of consumption it takes to reach stage 2, with a very slight increase to stage 2 monster stats i.e. monster health, armor, cooldowns on abilities, etc. Then a massive increase to stage 3 requirements and stats. in other words make stage 2 easier to reach an keep it more or less even then make stage 3 very hard to reach with a higher benefit for getting there.
With a massive change from stage 2 to 3 and achieving it u could still implement most of the rewards, especially the skin after 25 wins, the halo is interesting but i’d rather see it as a reward skin implement than a stage up visual.

Right, I think that’s what I understood from your original post. What I’m trying to say is why would the hunters fight the monster? Let’s say the 3 minute non-stop timer starts as soon as the monster deals damage to a hunter.

From an abuse standpoint, the hunters could send the support at the monster, tickle him to start the timer, then cloak. All the other hunters run around playing hide and seek from the monster to run out the timer, instead of fighting him for the victory.

I have to strongly disagree: If the only winning condition is that every hunter dies, and the monster has to fight, then the hunters have the advantage by simply not fighting, and evading as long as possible.

The relay is important for the monster, because it’s an alternate win condition. A stage 3 monster has more power than 4 hunters (that’s the point). Because S3 is scary, the hunters don’t want to fight, but they have to, otherwise the monster will win “by default” by destroying the relay.

The relay is also important for the hunters because it typically is surrounded by good terrain for the hunters to take advantage of (not to mention no wildlife interfering).

I think your suggestion is trying to change the end-game of a classic Hunt match, if and when a monster reaches stage 3 (or in this case, can reach stage 4). I don’t think your suggestion accomplishes the current structure that handles this case better, regardless of how interesting and creative it is.

I like this idea - to have monsters float around in the even fighting level longer, but have a short period of time early on when they’re very weak, and far later in the game, they can reach a stronger level of power because they managed to survive that long.

However, this would encourage flee-till-3 strategies some more (if stage 3 is much better instead of just a little better like it is now), which I wouldn’t like.

What would be the problem with a flee till 3 strat currently that should be the best option for any monster that can manage it.

I don’t like the idea that people will go to this stage thinking “I’m getting more powerful” When it’s looking more like a “I don’t need stage 3 to beat you, I just want my points to get out of this rank.”

It’s more of bragging rights than anything.

The reason why the current flee-till-3 option is weak is because a lot of the power of the monster is already given to them. Getting more points through evolution does almost nothing for the monster’s damage output, it appears to exclusively give more armor and health bars.

If you reach stage 3, the hunters will camp the relay (which is notorious for providing the hunters with a tactical advantage). With that in mind, it is best for the monster to skirmish with the hunters every now and then (hopefully with some wildlife friends), in order to get strikes so that the relay fight is much easier.

Since you currently don’t really get stronger per evolution, getting all the way to stage 3 doesn’t really increase your damage output, so there’s not much of a point in flee-till-3, since you’re nearly condemning yourself against a good team by letting them pick the most advantageous spot for them to fight (near the relay) instead of somewhere with enough pillars or whatever to help you break their LoS while you try to get downs. Since stage 3 isn’t ultra powerful like before, you can’t just show up and steamroll them.

So, the problem with strengthening stage 3, even close to what it used to be, would encourage monsters to flee until they were very powerful and then try to steamroll all the hunters at the relay, rather than fight every now and then, since there’s almost no difference in power between the stages.