Stage 4 Behemoth - Gain a New Traversal Technique!


Don’t let’s hear anything about it being OP. ITS MEANT TO BE OP ITS STAGE 4 DAMNIT


What am I looking at… It seems like he’s just walking.


Look closely, he is also rolling


Oh shit! I just noticed that. Sorry, had to turn the vid quality up on my phone.

Yeah, that is weird, lol.


Truck behemoth confirmed, no stopping him now!


“I’m the juggernaut Bitch!” - behemoth


It’s the walk n’ roll train!


Looks like some hunters are going to get scared. ^.-


Stage 4? uhhhh ok then… We’re gonna need some bigger guns


I just think of sonic’s legs when I see this


I have video of this too lol I love that glitch


Yeh on second thought I probably shouldn’t have posted this since the devs will now fix it D: NOOO





Torvald stage 4 looks a bit the same